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    Sep 17
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    By Matt Mosley

    » NFC Final Word: East | West | North | South » AFC: East | West | North | South

    Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 2.

    The Dallas Cowboys will have to know where Bears defensive end Julius Peppers is at all times. Chicago likes to move him away from where the tight end lines up, according to's Bryan Broaddus, a former NFL scout who has studied the Bears quite a bit this week. Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo will have his hands full because Peppers does an excellent job of keeping his pads low and pursuing from the backside. Quarterback Tony Romo needs to have tight end Jason Witten running routes, but offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will have to pick his spots because Colomobo will likely need some assistance. I think left tackle Doug Free will do fine against Peppers, who doesn't have as much power as Redskins defensive end Brian Orakpo. Free didn't play poorly last week, but he wasn't as sharp as some folks predicted. Also keep an eye on the Bears' other starting defensive end, Mark Anderson. He's a really quick player who could give the Cowboys problems in space.

    We can't have a "Final Word" without discussing the Cowboys' offensive line situation. I think Kyle Kosier and Marc Colombo will give the Cowboys a big lift against the Bears. Montrae Holland didn't play poorly at left guard against the Redskins, but Kosier's better on the move than him. I think you'll see Felix Jones get a lot more involved in the running game in Sunday's game at Cowboys Stadium. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett took a lot of heat this week for his bone-headed decision to run a play at the end of the first half last Sunday, which resulted in a Redskins touchdown. He needs to have a nice bounce-back effort to help the Cowboys forget about that opening loss. The Cowboys need to continue integrating Dez Bryant into the offense, but they can't let that process disrupt their rhythm. If you're constantly having to tell him where to line up, it just puts one more thing on Tony Romo's shoulders. We'll be watching that situation closely. The Bears have some issues in their secondary. I think Romo has a big game.

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  2. brickman

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    Tony is going to tear the Bears a new one. :star:
  3. ThreeSportStar80

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    I thought Doug Free played good considering it was his first start on the left side.
  4. urface59

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    At what point was Free not sharp?
  5. jobberone

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    Free did his job. Let's see how Colombo does against Peppers.
  6. The Emperor

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    Assuming Marc Colombo makes it back healthy and plays like his 2007 self, why is everyone making such a big deal about Julius Peppers?

    In the past three meetings against the Panthers, the guy didn't even record a sack. So why do folks think he's going to suddenly set the world on fire? Because he's a Chicago Bear now and he's channeling the play of Richard Dent now? He's Richard Dent by default because he's got "GSH" on his sleeves?

    Free will shut him down. Colombo will take care of him. Julius Peppers will be neutralized. Our biggest threat on offense is Jason Garrett. Next case.
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    Don't know about Free. I did notice on the last play of the game he let his guy get penetration but he was able to re-direct him away from Romo.
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    I just hope for a balanced offense. I assume we'll throw more than run because of their secondary, but I don't want them to just THROW THROW THROW......ya know?
  9. rocyaice

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    I realized Mosley didn't know what the hell he was talking about when he kept describing Holland and Free's offensive play as "didn't play poorly". Either you were good, great or bad. "Didn't play poorly" means nothing IMO.
  10. rocyaice

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    Well when you get a lot of penalties and are losing you have to throw a lot. Cowboys need to score first. On their first drive. That will fix all of this mess.
  11. Rynie

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    Good point.

    It just seems like JG abandons things that are working. You're right though. If we get an early lead, I'd personally would like to see a little more running than normal.
  12. percyhoward

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    I'm all for whatever's working at the time.
  13. Pabst

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    I think most of the concern regarding Colombo isn't necessarily due to his injury. He just didn't look great in the preseason. Still, better than that POS Barron.
  14. Manster68

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    Do you want to ease the tensions of the Cowboy fans?


    Lots of TOUCHDOWNS!!!

    Then score MORE TOUCHDOWNS!!!

    and don't abandon the running game. That shouldn't sound like an oxymoron as touchdowns can be scored on the ground as well.

    Defense and special teams can score touchdowns as well. We enjoy all of them.
  15. Mansta54

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    So what you're saying is, HE DID HIS JOB..... Gotcha!!!
  16. 67CowboysFan

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    Some people have a hard time giving Free the credit he deserves.
  17. blindzebra

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    Free got called for a false start, although it looked like Holland was the culprit.

    Free got shoved back by Orakpo and he ran into Tony after the throw was gone.

    Free got caught in the wash on the failed pitch play when Witten missed his block leaving Doug with 3 players to seal on the edge...he blocked two guys
    on the same play earlier.

    So yeah he was awful.:rolleyes:
  18. 28 Joker

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    I just saw the coaches film of Dallas covering Santana Moss on NFL Network.

    Moss had a 16 yard catch that was not on Newman. On TV, you see Newman come off his man and chase Moss down and touch him down.

    Terence Newman
    came off his man to chase down a wide open Moss.

    They showed Newman all over Moss deep on another play.
  19. Future

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    "lol dude have you ever realized how mean everyone is to matt mosely. its so funny he wrote that article about portis being named to the all clueless teama nd an eagles fan was just like shut up matt mosely we all hate you and i died laughing because well, we do."

    -actual text message I received yesterday
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