News: ESPN: NFC East High Energy Player of the Week

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    NFC East High Energy Player of the Week

    by Matt Mosley

    A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 13.

    Perhaps we'll never know why it took so long for the Dallas Cowboys to give Tashard Choice some significant playing time this season. You'd think all those 2-yard carries for Marion Barber might have done the trick, but interim coach Jason Garrett was firm in saying last week that Choice was the team's third tailback.

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    Garrett needs a reality check if he truly believes Choice should be the third down back....
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    Sounds on another posting that MBIII might not play on Sunday. Good news for most of us cause we get to see how TC does in this game when he will certainly be targetted by Eagle defense. Admit I'm really worried about this game & not optimistic about our chances of winning. OTOH, if there is a team I hate the most it is the Eagles & Andy Reid who consistently has run up scores against us whenever they had the chance. While Wade was content not to do so when he was in charge.

    I just want the Cowboys to play their absolute best game on Sunday & never give up. Even if we can't beat the Eagles, I want to hear them moan because the game was so physical that we end up costing them a playoff berth. Please give me my Christmas present on Sunday & beat the Eagles.

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