ESPN NFCE: Cowboys draft: History of the picks

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    By Dan Graziano

    Continuing our team-by-team series on the history of the specific draft picks each NFC East team has this year, we take a look today at the Dallas Cowboys, who have eight picks in this year's draft.

    Turning up some interesting trivia in these. For instance, the Cowboys have the 186th pick, which produced Deacon Jones, and the 152nd pick, with which the Houston Texans last year took a quarterback who a few months later started their first two playoff games in franchise history.

    PICK 14 (14th pick, first round)

    Last five players taken

    2011 -- Robert Quinn, DE, Rams

    2010 -- Earl Thomas, S, Seahawks

    2009 -- Malcolm Jenkins, DB, Saints

    2008 -- Chris Williams, T, Bears

    2007 -- Darrelle Revis, CB, Jets

    Cowboys' history of No. 14 picks

    The Cowboys have never had the No. 14 pick.

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