News: ESPN NFCE: Franchising Spencer doesn't eliminate Dallas from Mario W. sweepstakes

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    Mar 11
    AM ET
    By Dan Graziano

    The mailbag is bursting with questions two days before the start of free agency. I will do what little I can here to help alleviate.

    Jason Quinn from San Diego points out, as several others have, that the franchising of Anthony Spencer doesn't technically eliminate the Dallas Cowboys from the pursuit of someone like Mario Williams. Jason's take is that they could sign Williams and rescind the franchise offer if Spencer doesn't sign it right away.

    DG: Yes, that is true. My assumption has been that Spencer would sign the franchise tender, and I think it's very likely that he will. But someone else pointed out to me recently that, once Williams signs, Spencer becomes a desirable fallback option for other teams seeking outside linebacker help, and that he may like the idea of keeping his options open. If the Cowboys do sign Williams and rescind the franchise offer to Spencer, there could be a market for his services that would pay him more than $8.8 million for one year. So yes, it's technically possible. I still see Williams someplace like Seattle or San Diego, though. We'll see.

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  2. juck

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    I would love Mario Williams to be a Cowboy.
  3. Fla Cowpoke

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    We can afford him even with Spencer...if we want to.

    I am not sold on Mario Williams as the best player in the league, which is basically what you are saying if you pay him 15-16m a year on average.

    I don't think Mario is as good as Jared Allen or Jason Pierre Paul as a pass rusher.
  4. texbumthelife

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    Purely as a pass rusher no. He is a far better all around player than Pierre Paul though.
  5. cowboy_ron

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    But the loss of 10M might
  6. AKATheRake

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    We can take the hit over 2 years.

    As well re-structure 4 contracts obviously rescind the tag on Spencer, carry over $17 million we had left over last season into this years cap and also dump Newman.

    We're still good to go on anything we deem worthy.

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