ESPN: Pittsburgh SB XL Media Day Chat Wrap

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    Not sure who's all interested...

    So sit back and join us on Tuesday as we chronicle Super Bowl Media Day!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (5:01 PM ET ) Helloooooooo! We'll be live from Detroit on Tuesday at Super Bowl XL Media Day! We'll be roaming the grounds so you don't have to and give you all the news and notes from the interviews taking place. We'll get started at 10 a.m. ET with the Steelers Media day. Jeremy Green and Rick Spielman will take your questions during the 2-hour break before the Seahawks session starts at 1 p.m. ET! Then at 2 ET, Joe Theismann will join us!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (9:53 AM ET ) Good morning! We're making our way over to Ford Field for Media Day. We're takin' the People Mover! That's right, movin' some people! Gettin' off at Grand Circus to make the 3 or 4 block walk to the field. Lots media types around.

    Kenny Hill (Columbus, Ohio): I hate the Steelers!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (9:55 AM ET ) Calm down, Kenny. It's early. And we'll pass along your sentiments to Big Ben.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (9:56 AM ET ) Darn, should have brought a jacket ... kinda nippy out here.

    jim (n.j.): i wanna see the steelers- they are on at 10am? is it the espn channel?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (9:59 AM ET ) ESPNEWS is here.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:00 AM ET ) OK, just go though the doors. I feel violated. We've had our bags thoroughly sniffed and our wireless devices probed and traversed. But we're here.


    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:04 AM ET ) The players are starting to trickle out. I can't read their minds, but I'm guessing they're brain has a big "60:00, 59:59, 59:58, 59:57, 59:56, 59:55 ...''

    Will B. (Va Beach): me loves some media day. bring it on!

    John (Buffalo): Buzz....have you asked what is in the media tent for lunch yet????

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:05 AM ET ) No, want it to be a surprise. Whatever it is, it will a serious downgrade from last week's visit to the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama!

    Jeff (Cleveland): for the steelers it would many minutes in an hour?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:05 AM ET ) Wow, the haters out in full force today.

    Mike (D): How does Ford Field look??

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:06 AM ET ) Clean. And all the staffers are REALLY nice. I mean, REALLY nice. Almost TOO nice.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:07 AM ET ) We also have scribes Wayne Drehs and Darren Rovell on the scene. Looking for Darren now to see what he's siffed out.

    Hannah (NYC via Blitzburgh): They have to be nice to make up for the lack of being in nice weather. Welcome! Hey! Hi! How ya doin! This weather blows, dont it!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:08 AM ET ) Hey, Darren, what up?

    [​IMG] Darren Rovell: (10:09 AM ET ) I asked Kimo von Oelhoffen if he and Ben Roethlisberger were proud of giving long last names a good name. ''It is what it is. We didn't choose our names. At least it fits on the jersey.''

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:11 AM ET ) The biggest crowd, by far, is around Roethlisberger. Makes sense because he did not meet the press during Monday's sessions at a downtown hotel. Cowher was trying to keep him on the down low I guess. But Big Ben is feeling the glare of the klieg lights as we speak, er, type.

    The next-biggest horde of reporters is around Jerome Bettis, who just entered Ford Field. Cowher, linebacker Joey Porter and safety Troy Polamalu also have big crowds.

    Jonathan (Buffalo): Wow, set up it up for a good joke and he blew it. Kimo I am very disapointed in you.

    Brendan King (Roanoke, Virginia): How many people are there today?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:14 AM ET ) Not a huge turnout yet but some reporters are likely still waking up. They will probably get here for end of the session .. and lunch.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:16 AM ET ) Ha, Big Ben likes us! ''They told me I wasn't supposed to come [yesterday]. I was disappointed by that. I was hoping to see you guys two days in a row.''

    John (Cape Coral, Florida): Where would you all rather be in Detroit or Jacksonville?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:19 AM ET ) Good question.. we'll try and ask somebody that.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:20 AM ET ) Roethlisberger is itchy. ''I can't wait to get rid of this beard. That was the big downside of winning the AFC Championship, I had to keep this beard for two more weeks.''

    Hende (OH): Is that goofy guy in costume from Nickelodeon there?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:22 AM ET ) Haven't seen him yet.

    Matt (Grand Rapids): Is Joey Harrington in the endzone holding a football and listening to *All By Myself*?

    D-Bo (Detroit): Tell Matt from GR that Joey Heisman still hasnt found the end zone at Ford Field

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:32 AM ET ) Someone asked Kimo why he's called ''Scooby''. He said "As a kid, I used to run out of the house a lot and the only way my family could get me back in the house was to tell me Scooby-Doo was on.'' Good thing that didn't happen to Buzz. ''Hey, Full House, get back here!''

    Matt (Grand Rapids): Buzz, don't say anything bad about the Lions, Detroit, or Ford Field or Matt Millen will send security to take you out.

    Hannah (NYC via Blitzburgh): If anyone can get near Polamalu, ask him if his hair has ever been flagged for pass interference.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:34 AM ET ) Funny you should ask, Polamalu just received an award for Best Hair from, I believe, Entertainment Tonight. He seemed shocked. ''Am I being Punk'd? What show is this?''

    Aaron (Pittsburgh): Polamalu hasn't cut his hair since 2000

    Mike E (Austin Texas): How cold is it there today?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:36 AM ET ) Outside it's cloudy and about 30 degrees.

    Tim (Pittsburgh): What mind set do they seem to be in?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:37 AM ET ) Seem pretty confident and surprisingly, not too annoyed by our dumb questions.

    Bruce (Coolumbia,SC): Any Steelers in throwback jerseys today? If so what are they wearing?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:39 AM ET ) Bettis throwbacks! Trai Essex: '''I wish they had my (Northwestern) jersey on, except I'm not old enough to have a throwback.''

    Mike B (OH): Do you expect the media to be more interested in the Steelers or the Seahawks this week?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:40 AM ET ) Good question. Probably equal.

    Sean (NYC via Pitt): Anyone look hungover?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:43 AM ET ) Are you asking me to incriminate my coworkers?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:43 AM ET ) Joey Porter says the Steelers won't be able to arm-tackle Shaun Alexander, and they want to send a message to the NFL MVP. "We've got to wrap up. He's the guy we just want to pound on all day."

    Sean (C-town): Has Porter said anything crazy yet?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:45 AM ET ) He seems to be on his best behavior. He was asked what he was going to say to Shaun Alexander in warm-ups to get in his head. ''"Just football stuff. It's going to be a long day for you. Just stuff like that. Yada yada yada."

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:45 AM ET ) 15 minutes on the clock.

    Batch (Boston): interesting quote Porter ... anyone else think he should never talk again, even though he is always right?

    Jamila (Boston): There's no media controversy? The affair sounds somewhat boring!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:47 AM ET ) It always is. Players should get bonuses for being funny and/or talkative.

    Tim (Edinboro PA): I would have to agree with Troy about Cold weather Superbowls ... Why not Heinz Field , or Investco Field? Bring the game back outside! Here we go Steelers!!

    Neal (Minneapolis): Every team has a player like Porter. Some of them just may hide it when the cameras are around. Quit hatin'!

    Andrew (Boston): Go start some trouble, Buzz.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:49 AM ET ) OK, turn on NEWS. I'm going to go storm Polamalu's podium and grab his pony tail.

    Bowl (New York, NY): Hey Buzzmaster: what's the over/under on Bettis retirement questions? 19?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:50 AM ET ) Over. Way over. He actually just corrected somebody who referred to Sunday as his final game .. '' "Well, it's not necessarily my final game unless you're kicking me out.''

    Gillan (Wilkes-Barre): Cut it off, and watch him crumble like Samson in the days of yore.

    Mikey Z (Portland, OR): Is it true that Hasselbeck and others were in a car accident last night??

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:53 AM ET ) If you call hitting a parking post a car accident, then yeah.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:54 AM ET ) I'm sure we'll hear more than we want to know about it at 1 ET.

    Rob (Durham): He acted like he hit the wall in turn three on a Nascar event or something, he was really shaken up about it.

    Jason (Seattle): I think I'd have a heart attack if Matt Hasselbeck scratched a fingernail.

    Andrew (RI): What do you do from 11 to 1?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:57 AM ET ) I'll be chowing down. But Jeremy Green and Rick Spielman will keep you company utnil the Seahawks session at 1 ET. And don't forget, at 2 ET Joe Theismann will be with us.

    Jobu (Chicago): How much more boring can this superbowl be? Struck a post, luggage hatch opens, that is it?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:57 AM ET ) Hey, it's only Tuesday!

    Justin (Washington DC): 11 to 1 = eat, right?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (10:58 AM ET ) Yeah, what does that say about the NFL's view of the media? ''Damn those guys are pigs. We better give 'em 2 hours to eat.''

    Todd Oliver (Baltimore, MD): What's the stupidest question asked so far?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (11:00 AM ET ) James Farrior was asked if he could spell Roethlisberger and Jurevicius and he missed on both. He spelled it Roethlesberger and Jurovic... before giving up. ''That's the stupidest question I've had today.''

    Mickey (Detroit): Honest Opinion, How's Detroit

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (11:03 AM ET ) Cowher says he likes it .. "There's so much sports tradition here. I think it's great. I love being here. Warm weather, cold weather, it doesn't matter to me. If I'm not practicing, I'm going to be in my room most of the time."

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (11:08 AM ET ) OK, the Steelers have bolted. I'm going to hit the lunch station and Jeremy Green is going to pop in to keep you company!

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