News: espn: Redskins, Cowboys have little recourse

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    Redskins, Cowboys have little recourse
    March, 15, 2012 Mar 151:38PM ETEmail Print Comments0By Dan GrazianoLook, I'd love to keep hammering the NFL for its ridiculous decision earlier this week to strip the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys of $36 million and $10 million, respectively, in cap room over the next two years. The league deserves to be hammered, and almost everyone else (just as the league hoped they would) is ignoring the story in favor of free agency. But the fact is that there is almost nothing the Redskins or Cowboys can do about this, and the few avenues available to them are avenues they're extremely unlikely to pursue.

    When the story broke Monday, my first thought, as I wrote at the time, was that the owners appeared to have engaged in collusion by conspiring to limit spending in the uncapped 2010 season and that the Cowboys and Redskins were being punished for not going along with that plan. So I reached out to ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson and asked him if I was on the right track. Here's his response:

    The NFL collusion clause (Article 17, P. 119) in the new CBA is very narrow in its definition of collusion. It applies only to certain contract procedures and any agreement among owners that would restrict the offers made to players. It is limited to multi-team decisions on whether to negotiate with a particular player, whether to submit an offer sheet, whether to offer a contract, and whether to include a right of first refusal. It is nothing like the broad anti-collusion clause that became famous in MLB. There is nothing in the NFL definition of collusion that applies to the Dallas and Washington frontloading of contracts. What the league did certainly sounds like what we normally think of as collusion, but it does not appear to violate anything in the CBA. If Dallas or Washington want to do something about the penalties, they would be forced to rely on an antitrust action, an enormous undertaking. It would be similar to the numerous cases that Al Davis filed over the years. I doubt that either Jones or Snyder would be willing to undertake so massive an effort.
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    I think the truth of the matter is Jerry Jones cares a lot more about not suing the people that will vote on whether or not he gets to host another Super Bowl than he does about winning back 10 million in cap space five years down the line after lawsuits and appeals.
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    Jerry should sue the league back to the stone age. What's stopping the league from doing this to us every year?
  4. He should sue the NFL and declare all out war. He won't. Instead, he should at least force the NFL is give him at least 2-3 more Super Bowls and get a bunch of other concessions before he concedes not pursuing the nuclear option.
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    "Mob justice, sanctioned by the commissioner."

    And there is nothing anyone can do about it. The only way for Jerry to get his own justice is to win a Superbowl this year.
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    That's exactly what I was saying to myself. Did somebody wake Lester from his nap?

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    If the Cowboys sue the NFL they will never win anything ever again. Just like the Raiders and Al Davis. Every call will go against them, their schedule will always be strange; that kinda stuff will happen every year. You can fight the NFL and win but you'll never really win.

    Of course, you can all boycott because that' s the only thing the NFL understand, money.
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    I agree with you, he won't. I'm about 3/4 of the way through "Boys will be Boys" and I'm so sick of JJ I can't put it into words right here and now, on this censored forum anyhow :) .

    To be honest, I think Jerry would rather host a Superbowl than participate in one. Seriously, one of the worst owners in the league.

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