News: ESPN: Scout's Eye, Day 2: Rob Ryan's scheme

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    Scout's Eye, Day 2: Rob Ryan's scheme
    July, 29, 2011
    By Bryan Broaddus

    When Rob Ryan was brought in as the defensive coordinator on Jason Garrett’s staff, it showed me that Garrett was willing to think outside the box.

    He went in a direction you wouldn't think he would and hired a coach that was not in the image of what you'd expect. But he got a coach that was going to find a way to get his defense off the field on third down.

    Ryan is not the spit-and-polish type on the outside, but like Garrett he comes from a football family. They both grew up on NFL practice fields and locker rooms. They tagged along to the office or watched their dads break down film long after mom had gone to sleep. Garrett and Ryan share the same passion for football as their fathers did, which makes this a good fit.

    Ryan runs a 3-4 scheme, which is what the Cowboys have run since Bill Parcells convinced Jerry Jones in 2005 that it was easier and cheaper to find linebackers than it was defensive ends. Parcells told Jones that it was difficult to find those wide “9” technique rushers and you were always going to have to overpay for them.
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    "Ryan’s 3-4 is attacking and takes advantage of mismatches across the board. In my film study of the New England and New Orleans games last season -- both wins by the Browns -- Ryan was able to create confusion in the blocking schemes of two of the better offensive lines in the league just by his alignment of his defenders."

    My point isn't what our defense can do but more wondering if this will help our O-line in possibly recognizing this kind of stuff better (specifically Gurode) in game situations. It's one thing to try and give your offense a look in practice but when your own D actually runs it all the time should help with situations like this during games.
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    Go watch Kmp's training camp videos stickied at the top. You'll see a lot of what Broddus is talking about here:

    This is why it's imperative to get some starting caliber safeties here.
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    Hey, that's a 'beaute.':)

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