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    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (11:57 AM ET ) Alright guys we have Colt.

    Jeff (Michigan): What is your favorite food?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (11:59 AM ET ) In-n-Out Burger.

    J.B. (Dunmore, PA): Mr. Brennan: What would you say is your biggest strength as a QB?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:00 PM ET ) I think I have a natural ability to throw the football. And I do a good job of having fun when I play the game.

    Danny (new York): Colt you are awesome What was your favorite moment in college?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:00 PM ET ) When I ended my senior year undefetaed against Washington. It was the greatest sense of accomplishment.

    Joe (Staunton, Va): What NFL quarterback do you compare your style to?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:01 PM ET ) Growing up I loved Brett Favre. But I like to watch a lot of QB in the NFL and apply their strengths to my game.

    Christian(Richmond,Va): Who do you not want to get hit by this week?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:02 PM ET ) Good question. Keith Rivers from SC is one guy. We really have not gotten to see the other team yet, so I will know the answer to that question better come Saturday.

    Joe (Staunton, Va): Colt, you have to admit you're a small quarterback at 185 lbs. How much weight to you think you need to gain?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:04 PM ET ) At the end of each season you usually end a lot lighter weight wise than when you started. I got the stomach flu earlier this week and did not eat the same for about four days. I think if I stepped on the scale toay you would see a drastic improvement from 185. But I have two more chances.

    Jason (Dallas, TX): Colt who is your favorite WR to throw to during this week?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:05 PM ET ) I really enjoyed throwing to the bigger guys like DJ Hall and Limas Sweed. But the TE are the guys who have impresed me the most. They are fun to throw to and big targets.

    Dylan (Tamaqua, PA): What team did you like when you were in a kid? you know? back in the day?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:06 PM ET ) I grew up gooing to Rams and Raider games. But they left us. And since then I really have not had a team.

    sean (MA): how are you feeling going into this game?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:07 PM ET ) I am feeling good. If I can just make sure to fine tuen everything I leanred this week. And come out and play with confidence, hopefully I will have success.

    Jason (Dallas, TX): What is you favorite characteristic about yourself as a QB and what is the one thing you need to improve most upon?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:08 PM ET ) I think my favorite charcteristic is the fact I have fun playing the game. What I need to work on is my size and strength.

    scott (chicago): Colt what reciver in the NFL would you like to be paired up with?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:10 PM ET ) It is a very good question. I have never really thought about that. I like WR who are smooth with their routes and the way they catch the ball. For me the smoother they are the easier it is for me to estimate where they are going to be on the route.

    Steve (SC): Colt, how do you like the southern food there in Alabama compared to the food in Hawaii?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:12 PM ET ) To be honest we have not been able to experience it that much. Even when I was in New Orleans it was not the season for craw fish and those traditional type foods. All we got was fried chicken and catfish which tasted great; but I had had those things before.

    Captain Ron: Colt, What type of offense would you like to run in the NFL?

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:13 PM ET ) I grew up running the West Coast offense, and obviously experienced both the spread and run and shoot. So I am kind of excited to try whatever offense I land in. I really hope to prove I can play in any offense.

    Donzel(Jacksonville,FLorida): COlt how does feel not knowing where u are goin!!!u have been with hawai who always been used too winning feel possible goin to alanta or miami where they tend no compete they give up after lose a few games

    [​IMG] Colt Brennan : (12:15 PM ET ) It does feel awkward right now, because nothing is certain. But when I got to Hawaii, me and my teammates established a reputation for winning. I hope that wherever I go I can accomplish the same thing.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:16 PM ET ) Thanks Colt! Alright next up we have Wesley Woodyard from Kentucky!

    Andy (Ann Arbor, MI): What adjustments are you focusing on in preparation to going to the pros?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:18 PM ET ) I just try to pick up my weight. Right now I am at 220, so I would like to pick up some weight. And I will also have to stay focused on staying low on the field, which will allow me to get off blocks.

    Andy (Ann Arbor, MI): What is more popular on campus this year: Basketball or Football?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:19 PM ET ) Well, we are equally supported. Out bball team had a pretty big win over Tennessee. And our football team finally had a chance to give our fans a winning tradition, so we want to keep the future bright up there.

    Sam (OK): How does it feel being part of a Kentucky team that surpassed all expectations and accomplishing what you did?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:20 PM ET ) It felt good. People did not expect ius to go back to a bowl game, and we just went out there and proved everyone wrong, got some big wins, and at the end of the season we felt very happy about our accompplishments.

    Andy (Ann Arbor, MI): Does Ashley Judd come to the football games too? If so.... can you get her number for me?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:21 PM ET ) If she does, we cannot tell. But she is a huge KY basketball fan. But she supports football. And if I see her I will try to get her number for you, but I might keep it for myself lol.

    Steve (SC): Who have you hit the hardest so far out there?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:23 PM ET ) I have hit a lot of guys hard. That is one thing I can say, is that I get a lot of props about how I play and how I hit. I did knock a guy out from Tennessee last year.

    SprungOnSports (Long Island): What makes you stand out from the other LB's in the draft?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:23 PM ET ) I am a hard worker, coachable and I love football. They might say I am one of the smaller LB but you cannt measure my heart, my desire to win and my desire to be the best. And I got speed!

    Steve (SC): Better question- Who do you want to hit the hardest?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:25 PM ET ) My QB Andre' Woodson. I have never had the chance to hit him in practice. And on the last day of practice we get to do out last hitting drill and I put and Andre' Woodson jersey on the tackling dummy

    Joe (Staunton, Va): Are you excited about the combine coming up?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:25 PM ET ) Yes I am excited to be able to work out for a lot of teams, and I get a chance to run another 40 which is always exciting. And you have to look forward to stripping down half-naked in front of the scouts.

    Joe (Staunton, Va): What's your 40 time gonna be?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:26 PM ET ) I ran a 4.41 in pro day last year. So I hope I can get it down fatser than that, but I will be satisfied running a low 4.4

    Andrew (Tallahassee): Are you concerned about a possible move to safety?

    [​IMG] Wesley Woodyard: (12:28 PM ET ) No I am not concerned about playing any position. If a team wants me to play safety than I will play that position. I am the type of guy that any chance I get to make a club I will take it. So weather it is safety or LB it does not matter. You can put me out at long snapper.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:29 PM ET ) Alright folks, next up we have Philip Wheeler, Ga. Tech LB.

    Andrew (Tallahassee): Phillip was the biggest difference in your overall performance from last year to this year?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:31 PM ET ) More people were double teaming me because they knew what I could do. There were more schemes around me, because of my season last year.

    KC (New Orleans): What do you think you have done this week to improve your draft stock?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:32 PM ET ) I think I have practiced well, and at full speed like a professional player, flying around, hitting people.

    KC (New Orleans): Can you explain what it's like to get coached for a week by one of the best MLB of all time in Mike Singletary?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:32 PM ET ) It was very different and more demanding.

    Steve (Clemson, SC): Philip, what's your best college football memory playing for the Jackets?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:33 PM ET ) Probably going to the ACC championship.

    Andrew (Tallahassee): Phillip, what is your opinion on the firing of Chan Gailey?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:33 PM ET ) It was very unfortunate, but the AD felt it was the right decision.

    Joe (Staunton, Va): Would you prefer to play in a 3-4 or 4-3 defense at the next level?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:34 PM ET ) I am very versatile and could play at any position in which I am put.

    Jeff (Michigan): Who would you like to put a big hit on?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:34 PM ET ) Probably the next person who gets in my way.

    SprungOnSports (Long Island) : Are you concerned about being able to cover NFL Te's, and what would you say to people that called you a tweener at LB?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:36 PM ET ) I am very versatile, and with my speed, strength, and quickness that I am probably athletic enough to cover TE, RB, at any linebacking position.

    Andrew (Tallahassee): How many times a week did you hit up The Varsity... good eats.

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:37 PM ET ) A couple lol. I liked the orange drink.

    Steve (Clemson, SC): After playing in the best conference in college football, what's it like playing with and against other players from the weaker conferences?

    [​IMG] Philip Wheeler: (12:38 PM ET ) Very easy. ACC is dominating the world.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:39 PM ET ) Thank you Philip. Next up we have Pat Lee, DB from Auburn!

    Jeff (Michigan): Pat, how was it beating Florida in their own stadium?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:41 PM ET ) It was a great feeling. That is my hometown and it was very nice beating them.

    Adam (yakima, Washington): Pat whose the toughest wr youve faced so far?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:42 PM ET ) Percy Harvin. He was fast and quick.

    Danny (NY): How was it beating the gators? Was it hard to shut down Tim Tebeow And their amazing offense?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:43 PM ET ) No it was not hard. We just got after tham, and we got a lot of pressure on him and I ended up getting an INT. We just got after them.

    SprungOnSports (Long Island) : How has covering SEC WR's prepared you for DB life in the NFL?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:43 PM ET ) They are the best of the best, so it really helped me.

    Jeff (Michigan): What do you think you need to work on as you transition into the NFL?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:44 PM ET ) More technique.

    arnold (CA): Who do you look up to in the NFL

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:45 PM ET ) Deion Sanders. He was an all-around athlete, who did everything.

    Andy (Ann Arbor, MI): What is the strongest aspect of your game? Man-to-Man, Bump and Run, or hitting?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:45 PM ET ) Bump and run.

    Andrew (Tallahassee): Where will you be on draft day... fishing like Joe Thomas?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:45 PM ET ) I have no idea.

    Scotty (Texas): How much of a challenge will it be to cover the faster, stronger NFL receivers?

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:48 PM ET ) I will have to make a big adjustment because they know more than I know coming into the league.

    jimmy (ca): how has the whole senior bowl expericence been

    [​IMG] Pat Lee: (12:49 PM ET ) It has been great. There are eyes everywhere and I am trying to get them all on me.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:49 PM ET ) Alright thank you Patrick!

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:50 PM ET ) See guys, I told you we would get you some SEC and ACC guys.

    Mike (Nashville, TN): who is next?

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:50 PM ET ) Not sure yet.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: (12:52 PM ET ) Alright guys, Martin Rucker TE from Mizzou joins us next!

    Brad (Gadsden,Alabama): what is your best college moment?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:53 PM ET ) Beating Nebraska, all three times.

    LJ-NJ: How has your wek been to this point?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:54 PM ET ) It has been going really well. I have definitely improved on my in-line blocking.

    jackson (kansas): how was it like playing agaisnt kansas in such a big time game

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:54 PM ET ) It was amazing. The atmosphere was great and the fans sert the tone for the whole game.

    dustin (carbondale): what was this world wind of a year like for you and the mizzou tigers?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:55 PM ET ) It was a lot of fun. We made great strides toward where we would like the program to head.

    Joe (Staunton, Va): What type of offensive system would you like to play in?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:56 PM ET ) The type that utilizes the TE in the passing game.

    rerun (su): what current NFL TE would you most compare your game to?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:56 PM ET ) I would say Jason Witten. He is a good receiving TE but he can also block.

    Thomas (Saint Louis): looking back on this past season, how happy are you that you came back for your senior year?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:57 PM ET ) Extremely happy. The only thing that could have made my senior year any better would have been a national title.

    SprungOnSports (Long Island): How will you adjust to the sheer size and speed of d-linemen in the pros?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (12:58 PM ET ) I will have to adapt like I have had to at all levels, such as thje transition from high school to college. And once again focusing on in-line blocking.

    Jeff (Michigan): What was it like playing for a great quarterback such as Chase Daniels?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:00 PM ET ) It was fun. He is a great leader and has a passion for the game. It makes you want to play that much harder for him.

    Joe (Huntsville,AL): Are tight ends the best athletes on the field?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:00 PM ET ) I would say yes. We are rellied upon to be both offensive linemen and wide receivers.

    dalton (torrance,ca): what qb in the nfl do you want to play with

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:01 PM ET ) Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Tony Romo.

    rerun (su): who did you root for growing up?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:02 PM ET ) The Broncos and the Bucs, because they had cool uniforms.

    dalton (torrance,ca): what about brett favre

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:03 PM ET ) Yes, playing with Brett Favre wold be a great opportunity.

    John (Cincinnati): Would you like to see an 8 or 16 team playoff for D1 so that we don't have multiple teams saying they should be #1?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:04 PM ET ) No, because programs that do not normally make it to bowl games would never get to experience that if they had a great season and fell short of the championship game.

    D (MI): Do you feel you could line up as an in-line TE in the pros?

    [​IMG] Martin Rucker : (1:05 PM ET ) Yes I do. There is no lack of ability, or lack of willingness.

    [​IMG] Buzzmaster : (1:07 PM ET ) Thanks Martin! He's one big dude!
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