News: ESPN: Swelling goes down in Sean Lee's wrist

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    Swelling goes down in Sean Lee's wrist
    November, 17, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    IRVING -- As the media period in the Cowboys locker room came to a close, inside linebacker Sean Lee emerged from the lunch room in a good mood.

    The swelling in Lee's left wrist has gone down significantly. When a reporter said it looks as if the wrist is back to normal, Lee flexed his wrist up and down.

    Lee played in last week's game vs. Buffalo with a cast, the shape of a Q-tip, and he started Wednesday's practice with a different cast where his fingers were exposed. But he went back into the trainers room and went back to the Q-tip type cast...
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    Great news.
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    Would still expect to see him wearing some kind of protector on his wrist since it probably still weak. But really glad to hear wrist is lot better. We really this guy fully healthy in the game. With him, we have a speedy ILB who can stop the run & cover well. W/o him our defense is very vunerable.

    Can't believe how much of a difference Lee has made in such a short period of time. If his development was fast forward for the on-the-field coaching of Brooking, then I sure hope Brooking spending lot of time with Carter (hopefully has same kind of work ethic as Lee). Since I can't see Skins-Cowboy game here in Florida, all I can go is follow on the internet. When Cowboys are winning, I get most of their games down here but with their current record haven't seen them at all. When they beat the Skins, hopefully that will change. At least I see them Thanksgiving Day.
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    Man this is excellent news!

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