ESPN Todd McShay: Complete 7-rd Mock...'boys picks in blue

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 17, 2007.

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    wolfe is interesting. He is not a Jones-Drew even though they are similar height. Drew is much more compact. Although wasn't Wolfe very solid against top competition? He isn't going to be a every down back but maybe he is the exception to the rule who proves he can play and produce in the NFL when he size says it shouldn't be done.

    If he can find a niche on punt and kickoff returns and then work his way into a nickel back role then he could be an interesting second day pick.

    Anyone know why the RB at Aurburn has fallen? I know their are injury concerns but I like how he runs. He runs hard and downhill. While he isn't cadillac I expected him to be a early second pick and now see him at the end of the second or third round pick. In a weak RB draft, I didn't expect him to fall so much. If he can stay healthy, some team is going to get a nice little back in the second or third round.
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    I think we will address OL earlier than that, probably in the 3rd instead of Crosby.

    I'm OK with Wolfe, he was good against OSU, and I don't mind spending a day 2 pick on a guy like that.

    And I know it's the 7th, but come on... another late round safety? With Watkins, I don't see us bringing a S in, unless it's with a Day 1 pick... a 7th rounder would just be camp fodder.
  3. Pabst

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    Don't hate it, don't love it.
  4. MichaelWinicki

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    A "short-bus" mock...
  5. JonJon

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    Very intriguing player. Here is a video of him doing damage against then #1 Ohio St.

    He reminds me of a lot Warrick Dunn...very elusive and seems strong for his size. He may not be as powerful as Dunn, but is as elusive, if not more. His top speed isn't the best, but it is game breaking. His acceleration makes him seem faster because he can get to his top speed faster than anyone else. In a straight line race, he would get walked down by faster runners, but will definitely get out front first. On the football field, this means he could be in the secondary before you know it, then it's up to the DBs to bring him down. Great change of pace option; I would welcome him to the Cowboys with open arms if we were able to get him in the 5th round or later. This would probably pell the end of Tyson Thomson, though. Wolfe sot only appears to have equal speed to Thompson, but has the vision/elusiveness that Thompson lacks. Could be a dangerous third down option. He even inspired me to change my Sig. ;)
  6. ethiostar

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    i don't care for that draft, at all. Assuming the draft unfolds the same way, meaning the players that are avialable when dallas picks remain the same, i would much rather prefer

    1st round-Reggie Nelson
    2nd round-Tanard Jackson (cb) or Tank Taylor (DT)
    3rd round- Paul Soliani (DT) or Quincy Black (LB)
    4th round- i'm ok with Salete (C) but i can also go for H.B Blades or Zac Deossie (LBs)

    I don't know much about the players after the 4th round.
  7. DEZBRYANT x88x

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    josh wilson ran a 4.29 at the combine but he is not a second round pick oh heck no...
  8. rickster14

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    I can't see us passing up Reggie Nelson if he is still there at #22. He fits our FS need just right.

    If we were to go WR in R1, I see Bowe and Meacham as about even. Having seen both play in person (and a bunch on TV), Meacham is faster, but Bowe is more consitent. Bowe had a problem w/ drops before last season, but improved 100% in this area once he had corrective eye surgery. Meacham is a bigger threat to go all the way and is strong enough to break tackles to turn a short gain into a large one. Either one of these guys can help this team.

    I agree w/ all of you who say so K in round 3. There are too many quality players out there to get Crosby.

    I find this to be a hard draft to predict for Dallas. We have needs, but it never hurts to go after the BPA. I'll make my guesses in a few days.
  9. Muhast

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    Eric Weddle > Josh Wilson
  10. Hostile

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    I will go ballistic.
  11. Hostile

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    Very classy sig pic.
  12. adamknite

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    I've heard talks Crosby might not even be available then....
  13. Da Hammer

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    not sure about picking a kicker in the 3rd rd...
  14. Gaede

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    I'm not sure why you guys don't like it. I love that draft, save the kicker pick

    Bowe/Wilson/Satele/Wolfe/Thomas are all solid picks. I like each of these players; i'll be thrilled if it goes down like that
  15. jobberone

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    A computer did that draft. Wolfe would be great in the fifth. He wouldn't be caught from behind much. Looked like a quicker, faster and smaller Dave Meggett. Someone will fall in love with him.
  16. Bob Sacamano

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    that draft would be so awesome
  17. big dog cowboy

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    I still think that is a slam at Crayton.
  18. Beast_from_East

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    Drafting a kicker on day 1 is just dumb.

    WR, CB, OL should be our 1st day selections, no particular order.

    Freaking kicker on day 1, amazing!!!
  19. montgod

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    I would be cool with the first two picks being Nelson and Gonzalez. Then trying to trade up to get Tyler. After that, everything should be gravy.
  20. Pottsville Maroons

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    22. Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
    53. Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland
    87. Paul Soliai, NT, Utah (89)
    122. Samson Satele, C, Hawaii or Zak DeOssie, ILB, Brown (127) or Dan Bazuin, OLB, Central Michigan (128)
    159. Manuel Ramirez, G, Texas Tech (163)
    I'd like to trade up from #200 and #212 for one of the three picks below:
    184. (valued at 18 points) Le'Ron McClain, FB, Alabama (184) or Justin Medlock, PK, UCLA (185) or Yamon Figurs, WR/RS, Kansas State (186)
    195. Garrett Wolfe, RB, Northern Illinois
    200. Pick used in trade to 184 (11.4 point value)
    212. Pick used in trade to 184 (6.6 point value)
    234. Jordan Palmer, QB, UTEP (242)
    237. Antwan Applewhite, OLB, San Diego State or Ramonce Taylor, RB/WR, Texas (251) or Tala Esera, G, Hawaii (252)

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