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    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Sorry I'm a few minutes late. We're moving in on three weeks to the draft. Lots of questions still unanswered. Let's get to some of yours.

    Adam (gettysburg Pa): Todd now that Jarrett's 40 time is in when do you see him going? Any chance that he falls into the 2nd?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I still think he'll come off the board in the first round, but later than we anticipated. It wasn't a terrible time, but I think he needed to run in the 4.5s to nail down a spot in the middle of the first. I think a lot of the WRs will drop after Johnson. Jarrett will be one of the few that go in the bottom half of the first round.

    Kyle (SD): Any chance Cleveland takes Calvin over AP? Think of the firepower with Calvin, Braylon & Kellen on the field together.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I just don't see it happening. Hopefully everyone's learning their lesson from the Lions. I think Calvin Johnson is the best player in this draft. But the position that he plays doesn't help his stock. I think that Cleveland is looking QB or RB with that third pick. It's going to be Russell, Quinn or Peterson by my estimation.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I also think that the No. 1 pick is not decided. Calvin Johnson could very easily go to Oakland or another team at No. 1. Don't be surprised if the Raiders are in the hunt for a veteran QB in the next week or so.

    Steve (NYC): How much does a school's pedigree come into play during the draft? Penn State RB's had a bad rep until LJ came on the scene...

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: It's definitely something that NFL scouts look at, but more so from a scheme standpoint. The same question was raised for several years on Florida receivers, because of the fun 'n' gun system they played with under Spurrier. That made it easier for them to put up big numbers. I think it definitely gives NFL teams reason to second guess players that fit the stereotype.

    Jason (Miami, FL): Hey Todd, With the Dolphins declaring that they will draft a QB, is Culpepper on his way out? And will they trade up to try to get Russell or Quinn?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Essentially, it's an insurance policy. There is absolutely no telling what Culpepper's future is going to be. I think that's why they've been rumored to be actively searching for a veteran and thinking about going for a rookie if they can't find a suitable backup for Culpepper. I would be shocked if they packaged picks to go for one of those QBs. Unless a scenario unfolded where Quinn fell to the Vikings and it wouldn't cost them that much to make a move.

    AP (Boynton Beach,FL): Todd What do think the PATS should do now that Asante Samuel is unhappy with his contract talks in the draft?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think going inside LB and DB are the two major areas of need for the Patriots. Certainly if they don't get a deal done with Asante long term, then CB becomes just as big a need as safety. But history has also shown that the Patriots never go into a draft feeling handcuffed by positions of need. If they feel there's a better value at a different position, they'll take that player.

    Michael (Philly): Todd - You project Ginn to the Titans - what are the chances of him slipping that low? Who can the Titans get late to replace Pac man?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think that's as low as he would slip. I think that there's a possibility that he could get as high as 11 to the 49ers if he proves to be healthy next week and runs as everyone expects. I don't believe that Ginn will be more than a No. 2 receiver in the NFL, but the reason his value is between 10-20 in the first round is because of his tremendous potential as a return specialist in addition.

    Os (Jersey): Todd, How high can Meachem go? is 11 too high?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Yeah, absolutely. As I said before, I think we're going to see the WRs slip a lot further in the first round than people expect. Meachem while he has great speed, he has a lot of holes in his game as well. He's not a very physical receiver and he doesn't run great routes. He's another player that I think will max out as a No. 2 wideout at the next level. For my money, I'm not going to draft a guy who I think is a No. 2 in the top 15.

    Ryan (New York City): Todd, If Greg Olsen is there at #25 do you see the Jets taking him, trading down or taking the best CB on the board?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think the Jets will sit tight. The good thing for them is while they have needs, nothing is tremendously pressing. I think essentially the best CB or pass rusher that's available to them at No. 25 overall. The only thing that could change that is if somehow TE Greg Olsen unexpectedly slipped to them at that pick.

    Alex, (Los Angeles,Ca): Do you see the lions keeping the 2nd pick? I think they trade that pick

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think out of any team in the league, they have the best chance to trade their pick. Right now, they're really hoping that Oakland goes with JaMarcus Russell because there seems to be a bigger market for Calvin Johnson at No. 2. If Russell goes No. 1, Detroit should be able to make a move at least to No. 4 with the Bucs or possibly even beyond that point. I think they want to take defensive end Gaines Adams, but they don't want to take him as high as No. 2.

    Brian (LA): Do the Colts have to draft a LB in the 1st round or are they going to address that with last minute FAs?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: They're the Super Bowl champs, they don't have to do anything. They have enough personnel. Obviously, if there's a LB sitting at No. 32 that they think is worth the pick, they would take him over a player at another position of equal value. But the Colts have done a great job of reaching for need, which is why they've been able to maintain their success for a number of years now.

    Josh (Austin): Todd, how do you rank the top three corners?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Leon Hall is the best of the bunch. But in all honesty, he would be the second or third best corner in a really good class. I think the big concern with him is his lack of ideal playing speed. After that, I think there's even another drop off, but Darrelle Revis and Aaron Ross are the next best two corners in my opinion and should come off the board somewhere in the mid-to-late first round.

    Henry (NYC): Are the vikes still targeting Landry after the Doss signing?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I don't think they've ever been targeting him, but there is a possibility Landry's still on the board at No. 7. My sources keep telling me that Minnesota is a prime target to trade out of that No. 7 pick. The thing they have to hope for is Quinn and/or Peterson falling to No. 7, which would draw a lot more interest in teams looking to that pick.

    Kelvin (Dayton): After the successful free agency the Eagles had, where do see them looking for their draft?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think they are the prime candidate to take the best player on the board, no matter what his position is. I ranked their needs recently and there isn't one need they have that would fit in the top 3 of most other teams in the NFL. I would say the position they are most likely to target are MLB, DS, CB and DE. I also think at some point on Day 1, the Eagles will address running back and try to bring in a bruiser that can complement Brian Westbrook.

    Myke (Chicago): Todd, what direction do you see the Bears going if they stick with 31st and 37th picks?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think that a big part of the equation is what they project is the future of Lance Briggs. Even if they don't trade him prior to the draft, they have to prepare for life without him a year from now. I also think because of some of the players' contracts that will be up shortly, that depth at DT and WR are important for them to target. At some point, it would be nice to see them draft at TE that can make plays down the field, but that might be asking too much.

    Daniel (LA, CA): If you're the Niners, do you take Carriker, Willis, or a WR?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Again, I think WR is a more pressing need, but the 49ers have to be convinced there's a WR worth taking at No. 11. I'm not. After Johnson, I wouldn't take a receiver in the top 15 picks. If they agree with me, then the smart play is to go with an LB like Willis or a d-lineman like Carriker or even Alan Branch, if he's still on the board.

    Chris (St. Louis): Is there anyway Alan Branch slips to 13 to the Rams after a poor combine?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think there's a chance he's there at 13, but he didn't have a poor combine. That has nothing to do with it. He actually had a great combine, from a workout standpoint. The problem that Branch is facing, the more film teams watch on him (remember, he's a junior so teams are playing catchup on him) the more concern arises on his inconsistent motor. There have been a lot of busts at DT in recent drafts. While Branch is by far the most talented player at his position this year, some teams are worried that he'll eat himself out of the league once he starts cashing paychecks.

    Jeremy (Bellevue): Todd, how far will A Peterson slide? If the Browns dont take him at 3, there are a serious of teams that have an RB they are comfortable with.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think it's a realistic scenario that Peterson could fall to 7 or below. While there's no question he's one of the top 5 players in the draft, the only team in the top 5 that I think legitimately would take him is Cleveland at No. 3. If they pass on him at 3, then I think the Vikings will be licking their chops at No. 7, not necessarily because they want to draft him, but because they want to trade out of that pick. There would certainly be interest from teams in dire need of a RB such as the Bills at 12 and the Packers.

    Brad(NM): What do you think about Kenny Irons? Can he have an impact for Buffalo if they take him in the 2nd?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: That's not a bad thought. The big question with Irons obviously is his durability. He's a 205-pound back that carried the full workload only one year of his college career and couldn't stay healthy his senior year. But that one year in 2005, he showed a lot of promising signs. I think that teams like the Bills and Packers and possibly even the Titans, if they come up short in the first round, (or in Tennessee's case in free agency or in a trade) then Irons is a good option in Round 2.

    Rob (Reno): Who is the best Denfensive lineman for the 3-4 Carriker or Branch???

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: They both are, but I've got Branch rated slightly ahead of Carriker, so I'll go with him. I think the intriguing aspects about Branch are his size and versatility. If the coach can motivate him to play to his potential, Branch has the tools to become a very good starter at nose tackle and/or DE in a 3-4 scheme.

    Todd: Todd! What's your opinion of Drew Stanton? Does he have a good arm, is he accurate enough? I already know he can definitely move around in the pocket. What current pro QB does he comapre to? THanks

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I'd still think that Stanton is the third best QB in this class. He's one of the tougher players to evaluate, because he has such a bad supporting cast at Michigan State. But he has enough arm strength, certainly enough mobility to develop into a starter in the right situation. The big question is can he become more consistent in terms of his mechanics and decision making. If you're looking for a comparison, to a certain degree, I would say, he reminds me of a bigger Jake Plummer.

    Brian (Atlanta): Someone is going to be really happy to draft Buster Davis, he is always around the ball. Currently I hear he is a middle to late second round pick, where do you see him going?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: What are you his agent? To be honest, he'll be a third round pick. I think the second round is too high. Unfortunately, his marginaly height and below average speed is going to cost him on draft day. Now, I understand there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, like Fletcher and Thomas, but like Fletcher, who was undrafted, and like Thomas, who was a fifth round pick, Davis is going to prove that he can overcome those issues at the next level before he can get that big payday. If he goes in the third round, he can thank guys like Fletcher and Thomas for paving the way for him.

    Broncomaniac (Charger Town, USA): Do you see the Broncos staying with the 21st pick or do you see them moving up? And if they move up who might they be targeting?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think there's a pretty good chance they move, but I would say it's 50-50 if it's up or back. You look at their needs as a team, I contend that the biggest issue is finding a top-flight pass rusher. They have enough picks to move up for a player like Jarvis Moss, if they feel like he's ready to come off the board. But I think Denver is smart to realize how deep this DE draft is. But I wouldn't be surprised if they move back and get a guy like Purdue's Spencer.

    Christian, Orlando, FL: What do the Giants do at pick 20 if both Timmons and Pozlusny are still on the board? Or is corner the more pressing issue?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: They're not going to pack up shop if an LB is not on the board. They have positions they want to target, but they also have other areas on their board. I see it pretty much the same way you do, Christian, that CB and OLB are their top two needs. This is a team, though, that could use an upgraded OT and WR. They're in a pretty good spot to get a value pick at one of those four positions. Ross could be available at corner. Joe Staley could be available at OT and Jarrett, Meachem and Bowe could all be on the board at WR.

    Joe (Decatur, GA): I've heard Troy Smith compared to Drew Brees on more than on occassion. Do you think the two compare favorably? Can Troy have that same level of success in the NFL?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think the comparisons are there because they're both short QBs with mobility and great competitive spirit. But I think the biggest difference is Brees is far more accurate and he's more mechanically sound as a passer, which allows him to overcome his marginal height more than Smith will be able to at the next level. I still think Smith is a good enough athlete and has enough special qualities to draft on the first day, but unfortunately, his size, erratic arm and past off-the-field baggage should cause some concern.

    Joe (Fenton): Any news on the Seahawks? Is there anyway for them to trade up to the first round. Can they use Jackson to do it?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Obviously, any team can package picks and move up, but it's not something I would expect. They have to just view this draft with the mindset that Deion Branch is their first round pick and they couldn't have gotten a better receiver if they were drafting at that position anyway. My guess is they'll stay put and do their best with the picks that they have. I certainly think they'll be targeting TE, OG when they do come on the board in Round 2.

    Matt(Erie, PA): Todd - What position do you see the Steelers drafting? OLB or CB? How about Ginn Jr if he's available when they pick?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Don't even think about Ginn. It just doesn't make any sense after drafting Santonio Holmes last year, his former teammate. I think OLB is a more pressing need for two reasons - 1) after getting rid of Porter, they need an upgrade at the position and they need to target a player who can play in a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme (like Timmons) as they look to make that transition; 2) the Cover 2 system that they're looking to transition to requires a lot less from the CB position. I think Tomlin, with his great history of developing DBs, thinks there's enough young talent in the stable to make due.

    Brandon, New York: Now that the Texans have the 10th pick, who do you see them dreafting Levi Brown, OT, Penn State or Leon Hall, CB, Michigan?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think both of those players are possibilities. To me, CB is still their No. 1 need. They need to find a good option opposite Dunte Robinson. This is a team with a lot of needs too. It's embarrassing all the needs they still have, considering all the high picks they've had. I would say Hall is the best option there. Brown is another option, but they also have needs at WR, DS, DT and OLB.

    Bob Oskin (Boardman,Ohio): If Joe Thomas from Wisconsin is available do you think the Browns should draft him?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think they purposely spent all this money on the offensive line during the free agency period so they can go in a different direction at No. 3. To me, it's QB, or Adrian Peterson. I think they could move up one spot if JaMarcus Russell isn't the No. 1 pick. If Peterson or Quinn are still on the board when they pick, an option is to entertain trade offers from the Bucs or Cardinals to move 1 or 2 spots. That could get them an extra pick or two and still get them Quinn or Peterson.

    DJ (New hampshire): David ball was a walk on in college. Where do you see him going in the draft

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think he has a chance to come off the board in the 6th or 7th round. He broke Jerry Rice's TD record, but trust me, he's not another Jerry Rice. I think if he's going to stick on an NFL roster, he's got to get stronger and more physical to get over his lack of speed.

    Brian (Atlanta): In your opinion who has been the most consistent team in the draft over the past few years? I think its the Ravens, there players always seem to make immediate impact.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: The Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL as far as drafting is concerned. I also think that the Panthers, Colts, Chargers definitely, Bears and Steelers have done a very good job.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: The Saints last year had the best draft of any team. It will be interesting to see if they carry over that success to this year. No surprise, by the way, that those teams are playoff teams.

    Chris (Pueblo, CO): Is it me or is Jamaal Anderson slipping?

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think that's a fair assessment. I don't think it's a major slide. I still think he'll be a top 15 pick. But I do think some concerns have arisen regarding his inconsistency. Some games I watch him on film and he's the most dominating guy. Other games I watch and I can't find him for a while.

    maurice kansas city mo: which wide receiver will be the best pick for the chiefs when they pick

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: I think their No. 1 need is WR, but I've also thought the same thing heading into the last 10 drafts, it feels like, and they never come through. If they buck the trend this year, I think either Dwayne Bowe, because of his size and physical nature, or Meachem, because of his speed, would be the bests fits there, to take attention away from Gonzalez or Johnson. But I'm not counting on it any more.

    [​IMG] Todd McShay: Thanks for all the questions. I'll be back at the same time, same place next week. I get the feeling that most teams are convening for their pre-draft meetings. We'll have a lot of gossip and rumors to sort through. Until then, be well.
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