ESPN Video: JJT/Bruschi: What changes need to be made in Big D... Season Recap

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 26, 2010.

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    thanks for posting those.

    I agree with everything except we know their won't be any changes at the #2 wr spot cause that's Jerry's boy.
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    And zrinkills
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    Why do you think this?

    I don't know, seems to me I saw Crayton take the field with Austin as the starter on our opening drive in Min.
    Fairly certain that Austin, Crayton and Ogletree were all targeted more than Williams.

    If Williams is a starter in 2010, it'll be an earned spot.
  5. Rampage

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    Jerry isn't gonna pay Roy 9 mill to ride the pine.
  6. Bonecrusher#31

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    I hope not which means the useless UT honk will be cut :)
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    well wait 1 more season and you might get your wish.

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    Good thing Jerry is a smarter business man, because he'll soon analyze what he stands to make if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl in 2010 and I'll bet that more than makes roy Williams' payday an afterthought. In the end, Jerry will stand more to lose by having Roy Williams playing like crap than riding the pine. So look for Dallas to draft a #2 WR with the 27th pick in April's draft.
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    I feel we got let off the hook easy.

    We got blown out 34-3, although it wouldnt have been that bad without Flo's injury.But offensively we played mediocre at best, defense, same, and we played poorly on special teams.

    I'm in the minority here I know, but in a way, I view this season in a way like 2007. We still lost in the divisional round. In a sick way, Wade is kind of right when he made that joke like having the bye is like winning a playoff game.

    In 07 we still won more games (13) than we did in 09 (12). In 07 we lost to SB Champs in a close game, in 09 we get blown out.

    I dont know, I havent let this loss get me down much, but I was expecting much worse from ESPN about us. I guess winning one and getting blown out is better than having a bye and playing a close game.
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    Get Terrance Cody.
  11. NextGenBoys

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    If he keeps playing like he's playing, there is no alternative.

    He still has time to turn it around, but he's starting to run out. If he has a training camp like this season, he will not see the field much come opening day. Doesnt matter if he's Jerry's pet or not.

    TO was Jerry's ultimate pet. Far more than Roy, and he's not even in Dallas anymore.
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    I don't see them benching him. Wade isn't that type of coach and Jerry. I think next season will be his final season in Dallas unless he all of a sudden learns how to run good routes and stops dropping easy passes.

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    Jerry knows he has to hedge his bet, and he can do that by drafting a WR at pick #27. This pick, along with Pattrick Crayton, will provide competition for Roy Williams for hte #2 and #3 WR spots. Right now, RW11 is a #4 calliber WR on this team, nothing more until he earns it and beats someone out for a better slot.
  14. NextGenBoys

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    Unless than receiver is Dez Bryant, I dont want us drafting any receiver at 27.

    Safety and Oline are far more important. Middle linebacker as well.
  15. Idgit

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    Wade was right about the bye, it's just everybody went out of their way to take him out of context.

    As for the blowout loss, I don't know how hard the board took it, but I don't think that game was as out of control as the score indicated. It was frustrating not having time to pass the ball, but we ended up having to take some chances that hurt us in terms of field position and really let things snowball. It seemed to me like the kind of game where an adjustment here or there, or even just having Flo in the lineup the whole game, would have made a huge difference. We ran into a buzzsaw that was playing at home, but were really not far removed from the Saints and Vikings.

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    the problem is the o line....not receiver,,,we have receivers...
  17. Sam I Am

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    I hope you were just being facetious. Cody is straight up fat.
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    He's not going to take a big cap hit in 2011 if he doesn't have to either.

    NFL success isn't born on hasty decisions. Mainly because of the salary cap. Cut a player like Roy that's getting big money because he's underperforming then you have to still take the cap hit AND find a replacement which just adds to the cap hit.

    I hate to tell Jerry haters, but EVERY SINGLE OWNER IN THE NFL acts this way. Even the Rooney's, Kraft's and whichever owner is the next flavor of the month.

    The ones who tend to act hasty and don't care about the cap are guys like Daniel Snyder and Al Davis.

    But, with 2010 going uncapped, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Jerry cuts Roy. It's easy to figure that if Roy continues to look bad that Jerry just isn't going to get what he invested in Roy whether he cuts him or keeps him. So the one 'silver lining' is that at least we would catch a break with an uncapped year and dump his contract before he hurts the team cap wise in 2011.

    Of course, we first need to find some replacements for him. Crayton isn't the guy. He's at best a decent #3 that can do some punt returns. He's terrible at #2, even less effective than Roy. That's why Roy continued to be the starter, they were more effective with Roy at 2 and Crayton at 3 than the other way around. So we'll have to draft a WR in the first 3 rounds and hope he's a quick study and then hope Ogletree continues to improve. Then if Roy continues to slide, even Jerry understands there's no reason to keep him around.

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    Idgit was talking about the playoff loss, .. and I agree.

    We beat the Saints in N.O., the Saints beat the Vikes.

    We are as good as either of them, .. we need to reload and come out next year with our guns-ablazin' !
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