News: ESPN Watkins: Rapid Reaction: Cowboys 35, Lions 19

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    By Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- The key with any NFL team is to feel good about itself on a weekly basis and the Cowboys are doing that. A 35-19 victory over the Detroit Lions at Cowboys Stadium gave the home team its first win in their $1.2 billion palace this season and its first win streak of the year.

    What it means: The Cowboys, meanwhile, have won their second consecutive game, the first time this season, and are 3-7 heading into a short week before taking on New Orleans on Thanksgiving Day.

    McCann makes a big play: The game changed in the third quarter on a punt return by the secondary guy on the return.

    Cowboys defense plays well: The Cowboys are not a bunch of blitzing fools anymore. Under Wade Phillips they were. Now with Paul Pasqualoni as the defensive coordinator, the Cowboys play more zone in the secondary and try to force turnovers in other ways.

    Kitna with a strong day: There were many plays on Sunday that were highlights, but Jon Kitna's 29-yard touchdown run, a fake handoff to Marion Barber then a sprint down the Lions' sideline, was the best.

    What's next: Thanksgiving Day and a rematch with the New Orleans Saints for the Cowboys.

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