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    Apr 11
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    By Calvin Watkins

    It's that time of year again when, after taking a few naps and drinking a lot of coffee, we've decided to list the 10 Cowboys who need to go. Or might need to go, depending on your point of view.

    So here's our list of 10 Cowboys players who might not return in 2011:

    1. Marc Colombo: We think he's a great leader for the band Free Reign. However, as a right tackle, his health, knees, and age (will be 33 in October) is too much to overcome. Colombo is due a $2.6 million option bonus. But if there's younger talent out there in the draft -- USC's Tyron Smith, for instance -- then go get it. Colombo is one of the leaders of this team and he'll be missed if he's gone, but sometimes you have to move on.

    [+] Enlarge[​IMG]
    Thomas Campbell/US PresswireMarion Barber

    2. Marion Barber: He's not a starting running back. Never was. He's paid like one, but doesn't play like it. This silly rotation of Felix Jones, Barber and Tashard Choice has to stop. End it by setting Barber free. He got a $12 million signing bonus in 2008, and he hasn't earned a penny. Not one. He hasn't rushed for 1,000 yards since getting it, and his health continues to be an issue.

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    Lol at Roy Williams not returning.
  4. CosmicCowboy

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    exactly the guys I'd like to see gone.....:bow:
  5. Yeagermeister

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    Bennett and Roy will be back. The others are questionable.
  6. Doomsday101

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    When you just went 6-10 few guys are untouchable.
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    Colombo, Davis and Kosier need to go... I would look to rebuild that line now.

    Roy Williams contact probably allows him another year with a star on his helmet...

    Barber is gone...

    They need to keep Sensabaugh, he's a good safety who just needs a partner in crime back their.
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    I have to believe Roy Williams, Martellus Bennett, Sensabaugh and Buehler all will be back.

    Roy cost more to release than to keep - cap strapped as the Cowboy's are, that's a no-brainer.

    Martellus Bennett might not be productive in the pass game, but many see him as being their best blocking TE. Now if he could just keep his mouth shut.?!

    Sensabaugh will probably be here this year, for the simple reason that they have to replace Balll, and replacing two safeties might be hard to do, especially if Free Agency does not happen.

    Buehler still has a big leg and unless they can find a better option, they will keep this experiment going.
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    Do you have two NFL quality starting guards and a tackle in you pocket no one knows about?
  10. big dog cowboy

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    I count 4 returning players.

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