News: ESPN Watkins: Tony Romo was in complete control

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    After an eventful week, quarterback took over to make sure Cowboys didn't fall to 0-3

    [​IMG] By Calvin Watkins

    HOUSTON -- There were team meetings, players-only meetings, one-on-one meetings, inspired speeches and heart-to-heart talks for the Dallas Cowboys this week.

    There were changes in practice schedules and how many plays are run during practice.

    All of it would have meant nothing if not for a little help from the quarterback.

    Tony Romo did not beat the Houston Texans by himself Sunday. But Romo did something in the 27-13 victory he hadn't done in the first two weeks of this young season: play with a command of the game.

    Quarterbacks are leaders ... or are supposed to be.

    "His command was pretty good," coach Wade Phillips said of his quarterback. "You could tell he was on the same page with his receivers."

    "I think he knew he had to be on just with his calls and the consistency to play with," tight end Jason Witten said. "He did a great job of managing it and getting us [to do] the same thing."

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