ESPN Watkins: Who the Cowboys like from the Senior Bowl

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Jan 27 6:41PM CT

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    By Calvin Watkins

    MOBILE, Ala. -- The Cowboys' scouts and front-office personnel talked to numerous players particpating in the Senior Bowl.

    Here are a few of the names the Cowboys are interested in, gathered from talking to scouts, agents and players: RB Ben Tate, Auburn; LB Cameron Sheffield, Troy; DE Brandon Lang, Troy; CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State; G Mike Iupati, Idaho; DL Mike Neal, Purdue; and DB Chris Cook, Virginia.

    Now this doesn't mean the Cowboys will draft any of these players. Wilson and Iupati might be gone by the time the Cowboys pick late in the first round. Neal said the Cowboys told him at the East-West Shrine game he didn't fit their defensive scheme.

    Cook said the Cowboys talked to him about playing safety.

    "I can play both," Cook said after Wednesday's practice. "I'm a football player. I can play man-to-man and zone defense, but my strength is press man."

    Cook can also return kicks, though he won't do it at the Senior Bowl. Cook also talked to the Steelers, Bears, Panthers and Dolphins.

    Some other players the Cowboys are looking at are Georgia Tech wide receiver DeMaryius Thomas and South Florida wideout Carlton Mitchell.
  2. BraveHeartFan

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    Why in the world would our coaches, scouts, or anyone tell the media about anyone we're interested in?

    I'd pick some random, way down the list, names to give them before i'd give them names of anyone I was really interested in.

    Maybe that's just me though.
  3. TheKey

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    Looks like we have a thing for Troy defensive front members and Boise State corners.
  4. Cowboys22

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    I think most of this info comes from interviewing the players and asking them who has shown interest.
  5. CowboysNumeroUno

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    LOL I think you answered your own question
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    I like Mike Neal.

    And there's no reason he wouldn't fit our system...
  7. dcfanatic

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    They don't tell these guys who they like.

    but if you see the brass talking to these guys after practice, then in the hotel and then again after practice the next day you get the hint.
  8. Yakuza Rich

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    It's pretty vague either way and at 27 pick it doesn't really matter.

    Oh, I remember the 'embarrassment' of when the Cowboys 'showed their draft board' on TV and how the goofs at ESPN ran with that story like there was no tomorrow.

    And what happened?

    We drafted Mike Jenkins and Felix Jones.

    Boy, if that's the case we should show our draft boards every year.

  9. dbair1967

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    The kids at the Senior Bowl arnt "secrets". Everybody knows who they are and alot of teams are interested in them.
  10. The Realist

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    Yeah, that was odd.

    He fits.


    If anything, Purdue puts out high quality, well coached front seven players the last 8-10 years.
  11. Dough Boy

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    He has a resembelence to Spencer also...[​IMG]

  12. Sam I Am

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    Which one of those pictures is Spencer? :laugh2:
  13. big dog cowboy

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  14. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    They fit our profile, six foot two-plus, 200 plus pounds.

    At least we are consistent.
  15. zrinkill

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    That is everyone's "profile"

    There is not a team in the league that would not prefer a big wide receiver too a small one.
  16. Gadfly22

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    Yup. Which is why no one need worry about Jerry tipping his hand. Who ISN'T interested in Iupati at this point. Just too many variables when picking at 27 to worry about "smoke" when it's much more important to talk to the players and see what they're like.
  17. Alexander

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    And? Most teams would "prefer" bigger offensive linemen. Certain teams stock their rosters with that type of player almost exclusively. It drives the process and fits their system.

    Take a look at our roster right now. Look at who has been drafted or traded for in previous years. If all teams have the same profile, then we simply do not settle for less than fitting it the majority of the time.

    I don't have a problem with the profiling. It just limits options when you can eliminate prospects based solely on their size at that position, which apparently we do (or at least it works out that way). Most that size are not going to be special teams contributors in the return game. Most that size are not going to be especially quick or possess deep speed unless they are physical freaks.
  18. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    There is no hand tipping and nothing to be concerned about. Practically everyone knows what other teams prefer, there are relatively few secrets anymore. If you go back at these "players of interest" over the years, patterns do emerge.

    Where it becomes evident is how we evaluate prospects regardless, who actually makes it to our limited draft board. Physical attributes, like character issues, can determine what pool we choose from, who gets "put in the box" and who does not.

    It is highly doubtful we have the chance to select Thomas for example, but we are doing our due diligence. The only tendency it shows is our preferences, which should be well known by now.

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