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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 2, 2011.

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    September, 2, 2011 Sep 211:15AM ETEmail Print Comments By Dan GrazianoWith the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants games still to go, I picked the Cowboys to watch first because I wanted to see rookie running back DeMarco Murray. So it was nice of the kid to catch a 48-yard screen pass up the left side on the team's first play from scrimmage. We've seen the Cowboys use the screen game a lot this preseason, with Tony Romo throwing to starting running back Felix Jones, and it appears as though the Cowboys would like to use the weapons they have on offense to spread out the defense when possible and trade on their speed.

    Murray looks like a guy who can help with that. He looked excellent when they got him on the outside, in space, around the edge, able to pick up big chunks of yardage in those spots. That speaks to his athletic ability, which surely showed up on pre-draft tape, and wasn't really a surprise. What the Cowboys and their fans wanted to see from Murray on Thursday night was how Murray looked running between the tackles. With a little more than a minute to go in the first quarter, after picking up nine yards on first down on a run to the outside, Murray drove hard through the middle to pick up the first down on second-and-one.
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    I was very pleased with Murray. I look forward to seeing him help this team
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    The safety Reshad Jones who caught him from behind ran a 4.54 40. Surprised he didn't take it to the house with his 4.37 speed. :confused:
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    Its rarely a fair footrace in a game. Angles, starts, hesitations etc. In addition, Murray sat out how many weeks with a hammy? Probaly not running his best times right now nor do we want him doing something that will cost him.
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    If they were running in t-shirts and shorts, in the exact same angle, and not carrying a ball, he might have. Besides, it's always easier being the pursuer.
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    Brad Sham guaranteed that when Murray gets back in football shape that won't happen again.
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    Remember he's not in true football shape and also the safety looked to have an angle.
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    I think he was not in true football shape yet. I think he would have out-run him otherwise, the safety was faster.
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    I recall Felix having a couple of plays like that early in his career, it looked like guys ran him down but as others have said, the angles aren't so apparent when you're watching on television. But the BIG reason is this, Murray was carrying a ball. Can you run your fastest when you've got one arm tucked against your side?

    I saw what I had hoped to see, the dude has wheels, do not doubt it for a second.
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    He's right...kid probably has heavy legs right now from trying to get in football shape.

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