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    Random thoughts from the draft
    May, 1, 2011 May 16:42PM CTEmail Print Comments2 By Calvin WatkinsThe three-day NFL Draft is over and now it's time for the lockout to continue.

    We have some random thoughts from the three days.

    1. One common theme from the Cowboys draft is Jason Garrett liked the four players who were team captains in college. It means a few things: The players are respected in their own locker rooms, understand the meaning of leadership and produce on the field. The last few draft classes under Wade Phillips didn't really have a bunch of players who provided leadership. Tashard Choice stepped up several times, but where were Felix Jones, Anthony Spencer among others?

    2. Garrett said it best on Saturday afternoon when it was noted he wanted competition at all positions (wonder what Martellus Bennett thinks about that?). The Cowboys are adding competition at fullback, wide receiver and the tackle spots. It was good to see Marc Colombo say he will fight for his gig, but it's doubtful the team will keep him around. Sam Young now has a chance to move up and become the swing tackle unless project Jermey Parnell or seventh-round selection Bill Nagy come through.
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    Let the youth movement begin!!!
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    WOW! I clicked on that link expecting to read more of the same garbage spewed out by these writers every week but boy was I wrong. Wasn't anything ground breaking but just a nice article written with obervations rather than slandering bias just to "create a story".

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