News: ESPND: Anthony Spencer: Defense won't change sans Sean Lee

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    Cowboys LB Anthony Spencer receives an apology from Galloway and Company, then breaks down a Dallas defense without Sean Lee.

    On how his game has improved this year:

    I think coming into my last offseason I worked hard and I was able to put a little bit more muscle on and I just was able to continue that this year and add a little bit more muscle and get faster ... just having the guys around, like competing against them during the offseason ... just seeing their numbers and seeing my numbers and just wanting to be that much better so I mean just the pure competition of the sport and me as a person I guess.

    On the defense playing without Sean Lee:

    When Sean's out there he calls a lot of the plays and a lot of the checks that goes on ... just making sure that everyone is working just that much harder to cover what he's not going to be out there to do for us. Just the next man up ... everyone knows that this game is just about surviving the season, just making it through and then having injuries and people stepping up and being able to come in and fill in that role so ... it's just everyone filling in for Sean. Just having that attitude that when someone goes down you got to play just that much harder to get the W.

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