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    Apr 28
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    IRVING, Texas -- We've got some final thoughts on the NFL draft in our beat writers recap.

    *The trade that shocked North Texas was prompted years ago when San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was then the head coach at Stanford. Harbaugh tried to recruit safety Eric Reid out of a Louisiana high school. But Reid's father wanted him to attend LSU which he eventually did. So when it came time for Harbaugh to get Reid again, the trade was set in motion the morning of the draft. What prompted the Cowboys to make the deal occurred when Kenny Vaccaro was taken by New Orleans at No. 15. The Cowboys liked guard Justin Pugh, but had a higher grade on center Travis Frederick. The Cowboys also liked defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd, but he wasn't a fit in their 4-3 scheme because they wanted a better pass rusher. Reid was also available for the Cowboys, but Vaccaro had a higher grade. If Vaccaro was available the Cowboys would have taken him at No. 18. Instead, the Cowboys moved down to get a center with a second-round grade.

    *The interesting thing about getting Baylor wide receiver Terrence Williams in the third round is how it impacts Dwayne Harris. Currently Harris is the No. 3 receiver and if Williams can emerge during the preseason maybe he gets more playing time. Harris became a reliable player late in the season and took over the No. 3 receiving duties from Kevin Ogletree. The Cowboys want competition at various spots and the receiver position will have that this summer. Cole Beasley, Danny Coale and Williams will put pressure on Harris to maintain his spot.

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    I thought two of our more promising young players were Harris and Hanna.
    Oh well
  3. DBOY3141

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    Harris will still see plenty of playing time. I don't think he could ever be a #2, more of a slot guy.
  4. NorthTexan95

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    Here's what's funny ... if the Cowboys had gotten a 2nd round pick from SF instead of a 3rd, who would they have drafted? Probably the same player, Williams from Baylor.
  5. ninja

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    Good point and you are probably right. But, quiet. The Jerry Jones haters need something to complain about:D
  6. Wood

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    I think Jerry still needs to answer why they got so little for moving back 13 spots in 1st round.
  7. ninja

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    Two words: market value. And the market was down this year. There wasn't much difference in talent for players in the 2nd half of the 1st rd in this draft. Pugh-Long-Fredrick, do you see much difference there?

    I want $10K for my car and I would very much like to sell now. Only 1 person offers $8K now, take-it-or-leave-it. I have to sell. So, I take $8K.

    It was a weak draft. Oakland accepting less for the 3rd pick in the draft set the tone for this draft. In hindsight, maybe SF could have had Vacarro if they would have given up a little more.

    And as someone pointed out above, had we received an extra 2nd rd pick instead of a 3rd from Sf, we probably would have still chosen the same player in the late second, WR Williams.
  8. arglebargle

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    Not to mention that there were reports the 49ers were getting multiple offers to trade for that 31st pick.

    I do agree, the Cowboys should have forced them to fork over a 7th rounder, to fill out the draft board.
  9. morasp

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    I redid the draft assuming they didn't trade down and took Eifert in the first and that's what I came up with too.
  10. burmafrd

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    and if the 49rs said take it or leave it- which they probably did?
  11. morasp

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    The only thing that bothered me was they heard on talkin cowboys we asked the niners what they were looking for and they told us offense.
  12. CoCo

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    No. I'm pretty sure Jerry talked them down from a second to a third. I can just tell. /sarcasm
  13. Randy White

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    No kiddin'.... :laugh2:

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think they are but I also think that it's been so long since we have actually taken a tried and true approach to players that it may seem a little odd to us. While I think both are good young prospects, they should beat out other players at their positions and it should always be a yearly thing. Hopefully, this is what this team is now understanding. It's good to have guys who are hungry and who are challenging senior players. Some will win those battles and those guys will get more playing time and the team will enjoy the benefits of that through the Salary Cap. Most will not beat out the starters but may force other 2nd and 3rd year guys to step it up and contribute or see themselves cut. Most will probably not make the team and that's to be expected but, they will get valuable experience that will help them with their next team, should they decide to continue chasing the dream.

    That's how it's supposed to work I think.
  15. john van brocklin

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    I did too !!!:confused:
  16. Kristen82

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    Maybe they want Harris to focus on punt and kick returning.

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