News: ESPND: Cowboys commit a season-high 11 penalties

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    Nov 24
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    By Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Cowboys were penalized 11 times for 69 yards. The 11 penalties were a season-high and over the last four weeks, the Cowboys have been penalized 35 times.

    Among the penalties there were two key ones on Abram Elam and Frank Walker on the Dolphins game-tying drive in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys were called for four false starts, two pass interference calls and one illegal formation on special teams trying a new alignment.

    "Well I think they hurt us," coach Jason Garrett said of the penalties overall. "They kept us out of rythmn a lot and you just have to continue to focus on it. It was a quick week for everybody and I just think somehow, someway you gotta get your mindset to be hey, we gotta play a football [game] and we gotta play clean disciplined football throughout. We didn't do that throughout this ballgame."

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    Everyone, me included, thought that when we moved on from Coach "Goober" Phillips to disciplinary Garrett that penalties would decrease. After a year they havent, inevitably it is going to cost us a game against a quailty opponent. I am at a total loss on how a ten to a dozen penalties per game, every game cannot be fixed.
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    Anyone know how many Doug Free had on him today?
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    over or under doug free commit more false start penalties than flozell adams ever did in one season.:laugh2:

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