News: ESPND: Cowboys hope to get Chris Jones back

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    Oct 8
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    Coach Jason Garrett said Jones could return to practice this week, maybe even today, at Valley Ranch.

    Prior to his injury, Jones had a net average of 44.4 and allowed just 22 return yards.

    As of now, the Cowboys have two punters on their active roster. The Cowboys most likely would release Moorman if Jones is able to show the medical and coaching staff he can punt with no problems.

    "He hurt his knee a couple of weeks ago and did a good job of fighting through it, punting throughout that ball game," Garrett said. "We'll see what he does today and go forward this week."

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    I don't know, Moorman has looked good, too.
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    I liked Moorman killing punts inside the 10.

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