News: ESPND: Cowboys tackles improving but have challenge

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    Oct 27
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys offensive tackles, Doug Free (right) and Tyron Smith (left), have improved their play the last couple of weeks.

    Quarterback Tony Romo wasn't sacked last week at Carolina and the Panthers weren't credited with any quarterback hits.

    Everything could change Sunday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium when the New York Giants come calling. In the first meeting, the season-opener, Romo was sacked twice and knocked down twice.

    "We went into Carolina and we were challenged," Cowboys offensive line coach Bill Callahan said. "We had too many penalties the week prior to that. We felt the week coming out of the Baltimore game, we did better with the presnap penalties and then we went the last game and we did well. From their prospective they’ve shown some improvement, in terms of shutting down the edges. We've been challenged by some really good rushers and the challenge is greater this week when you look at these guys from New York, this is what they do. This is the heart of their defense we’re challenged again."

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    I definitely see improvement in Tyron Smith, strong as an ox too.
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    This should be no surprise that they are improving. They stunk. They couldn't get much worse.
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    Hope we can hold up, but these guys come in waves. I think we better have Tanner or a TE always chip on JPP before they even think about hitting the flat for a swing pass or work the middle zones. For some reason I do feel like we are taking a knife to a gun fight. That said, if our line can hold up those secondary guys on the backend of the Giant Defense aren't that good. PS. Next year we have got to get a burner. We really haven't had any deep speed since TO was here his first year.

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