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News: ESPND: Cowboys Talk - MacMahon says Witten isn't as good as Rob Gronkowski

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    ESPN Dallas Live: Cowboys Talk
    Tim MacMahon says Cowboys TE Jason Witten is a Hall of Famer, but not as good as New England's Rob Gronkowski.

    Note:I totally disagree with this, lets see how long gronkowski plays and if he keeps his nose clean, remember rob got into some trouble with the patriot family awhile back, eventually that kind of behavior gets you into trouble and your career breaks down early.
  2. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

    16,714 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Timmay strikes again.

    It's nice that ESPN Dallas would hire someone with Tourettes.
  3. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    yeah, i wasnt even going to post it, but when he said that about rob being better than witten, i took offense and posted to see what you all had to say
  4. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    can someone fix the title for me, probably should say espn:MacMahon says Witten isnt as good as Rob Gronkowski

    thanks in advance
  5. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
    4,103 Likes Received
    I was telling people while he was still at AZ that Gronkowski will be one of the best. He is physical and has the same knack Witten does of getting open.
  6. ChldsPlay

    ChldsPlay Well-Known Member

    9,853 Messages
    2,787 Likes Received
    If he's talking just about this year as a receiver, then yeah he's right. If he's talking long term, then it's way too early to think about that.
  7. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

    14,198 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    What a clown. Rob has played great this year, but Jason Witten has consistently been the best tight end in the game for several years.
  8. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

    16,714 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I'm sure the fact that the Patriots have little to no ground game escaped Timmay....

    I'd love to see the number of times each player has been targeted.....I'd wager that Gronkowski's targets are WAY higher.

    Don't get me wrong....the guy is balling, but he's not better than Witten.
  9. vlad

    vlad Well-Known Member

    1,394 Messages
    342 Likes Received
    Not saying the following because of this post, but has Tim McMahon ever written a quality article? You know, along the lines of a Bob Sturm or that kid that used to write for the DMN that went to the NFL network (I think Albert Ross or something?)...I swear, the opportunity these guys have, and the quality they put out compared to people like Vela or folks on this site is mind boggling.

    He may have, I just haven't seen anything. I remember he used to try to be a funny guy or something...good grief.
  10. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    and i own up to it when im wrong, so right now rob has proved me wrong, i thought he would have issues with his back, most players that have that kind of surgery dont do to well or come back real well, so i was wrong about rob

  11. The Panch

    The Panch New Member

    4,184 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Gronkowski is a much better redzone threat, but that's it.
  12. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    37,152 Messages
    43,624 Likes Received
    Gronkowski probably is playing better than any other TE in the league this year.
  13. JBell523

    JBell523 That's still my Quarterback

    4,214 Messages
    2,446 Likes Received

    This is a Cowboys board though, so I'm not surprised by some of the comments.
  14. cbow44

    cbow44 Member

    602 Messages
    12 Likes Received
    How is Gronkowski's blocking compared to Wittens. all I see is his receiving skills.
  15. DTK

    DTK Member

    681 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I don't know about that, the kid from New Orleans is having the best statistical year of all tight ends to this point. Having said that, he appears to be a pure receiving tight end. Just glad I drafted him for my fantasy team this year. :)
  16. Dhragon

    Dhragon Deadly Claws of Death

    1,652 Messages
    631 Likes Received
    Albert Breer is who you were thinking of. And yeah, he was here not nearly long enough. Best Cowboys writer by a mile.
  17. mmohican29

    mmohican29 Well-Known Member

    2,708 Messages
    643 Likes Received
    McMahon is a fool. Gronkowski is a fabulous player, but to say Jason isn't "as good" as him discounts ENTIRELY his unbelievable career in terms of prodcution, reliability, leadership, and mettle.

    It also is blind to the type of offenseive scheme the Patriots use game to game vs. Jasons' versatility and in-line TE prowess.

    Jason isn't "perfect". And RGronk might be quicker and more talented than Jason but let's see how his numbers look 7 years into his career.

    Bottom line- JWitt is a first ballot HOF player by any measurement if he walks off the field tomorrow. Is Gronkowski a HOF player yet?

  18. Reality

    Reality Administrator Staff Member

    14,244 Messages
    8,691 Likes Received
    Every year, the media proclaims a new tightend to be the best in the game. Players like Jeremy Shockey, Chris Cooley, Vernon Davis, etc. have been labeled "best in the game" at different times. In fact it was just in the last year or two that I remember hearing one sports commentator say Jason Witten was just the third best tight-end in the NFC East behind Cooley and Celek.

    In the end, all that matters is results. The media focuses on the rabbits while the hall of fame focuses on the hares. Witten may be the hare but he rabbits every so often too :D

  19. Randy White

    Randy White Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    6,146 Messages
    53 Likes Received
    between being a better " athlete " and being a better " player ".. Gronkowski looks to be the second coming of Tony Gonzalez, but then again, there have been TE's who looked to be the same, only to crash and burn in a few years OR never live up to expectations.

    ain't that right Kellen Winslow Jr ? what do you say Vernon Davis ?

    We'll see if Gronkowski is playing at the same level in a few years. I know Jason has.
  20. Randy White

    Randy White Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    6,146 Messages
    53 Likes Received
    despite the excellent amount of talent at the skill position tha the Cowboys have, you want to know why the Cowboys' offense has struggled so much in the first half of the past 2 games ( possibly even 3 ) ?

    Check out Jason Witten's stats in those games at that point.

    You want to know why they've played better in the 2nd half and won both ?

    Check out Jason Witten's stats in those games at that point.

    Just sayin'.. :cool:

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