News: ESPND: Credit Boys for not committing to Spencer

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    Jun 25
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    By Tim MacMahon |

    The Cowboys’ front office gets heavily criticized for the contracts that end up being bad values, so it’s only right to give credit for having the foresight to avoid making a long-term mistake with Anthony Spencer.

    The Cowboys were wise to back away from the negotiating table, ending talks with Spencer and agent Jordan Woy. It’s been a cordial dance over the last couple of years, but the gap didn’t close nearly enough between Spencer’s desire to be paid like a Pro Bowler and the Cowboys’ unwillingness to come close to committing to that kind of money over the long haul.

    So the sides have agreed to just let Spencer play out the season for the one-year, franchise-tag deal again. After being franchise-tagged two straight years, Spencer will hit the open market with no restrictions in the offseason.

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  2. Idgit

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    Love Spencer, think he's massively underappreciated by the Cowboys faithful overall, but this is the right move if what we're hearing about salary expectations is correct.

    There's still a chance this gets done amicably next offseason if Dallas is right about the market.
  3. Ultimategamer5567

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    Agreed. I do really like Spencer. But... IF both Crawford and Wilber play well it will be hard to justify an extension for Spencer especially given the age of the other starters on the defensive line.
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    This is a good move by the Cowboys. But it also underscores the poor decision to franchise Spencer this year.
  5. Funxva

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    I think that this is the outcome that most everyone thought would happen, franchise tag or no tag. The other players are still unproven, but get the chance to prove themselves in a much more straightforward system. Spencer's tag gives us that safety blanket, albeit a safety blanket spun from by the hands of Rumpelstiltskin.
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    This is a smart move by the Cowboys, they do not need to commit big money to an aging player who just had his first double digit sack season last year.... NO thanks!
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    Today's nfl makes it way too hard to keep good players, there's always some team out there willing to pay stupid amounts of money to lure your guy away. This team needs to start consistently drafting well for all of the positions, not just the glamor positions, before it will be on the right track again.
  8. Blue Eyed Devil

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    We don't need any more big contracts for players over the age of 30. I approve of this front office move.
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  9. Afigueroa22

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    True that my friend, true that.
  10. Eskimo

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    I agree with some of the views above.

    Firstly, the FA period has shown us that we have overpaid Spencer by a large amount on this year's franchise tag.

    Secondly, we may have been able to sign Spencer to a reasonable deal except for the presence of the franchise tag which didn't let him go around the league and see what other teams thought he was worth. All he sees is the Cowboys willing to pay $10.5M this year so obviously he is worth 5 years at $53M then - except the logic fails since he has never been a consistent sack master and he is about to turn 30 in the first year of the deal where productivity tends to start declining.

    Thirdly, there is the issue of a tight cap next year. I don't want to constantly be re-doing deals to defer more and more money to next year's cap. That catches up to you eventually. We have too many stars making too much money. We won't have enough money to fill out the whole roster if we keep overpaying our modestly productive vets like Rat, Free, Austin and now Spencer. When you pay a star salary you expect a star performance and we haven't been getting it from many of our guys on their second deals. We need to be more selective about wanting more evidence of good play for multiple years (see Free and Austin) and we need to avoid paying players ageing poorly with progressive injury concerns (see Rat). Spencer is a luxury we can't afford with Ware, Romo and the others around. We also must budget extensions for young core players of the future like Dez, Lee, Tyron, Mo and Carter. Now those deals don't need to be done now but we'll need to do them soon and they will be costly. My gut tells me we may need to let some of them go because we have waited too long to sign them but I hope clearing out some vets in the next year will make our cap picture look better.

    The most important thing is development of young players. Hopefully we see big moves from the 2012 draft class DLs: Bass, Crawford and Wilber. That'll make the decision to let Spencer go a lot easier. I still expect a first round pick spend on the DL in the next draft.

    The one DL I'm really hoping to re-sign is Hatcher who has been great the last 2 years and hopefully can be inked to a reasonable deal if he looks like a good fit in the new scheme early in the year. I don't think we'll need to break the bank here since I think he will be 31 or 32 at the end of the year and this will be his 3rd contract.
  11. erod

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    This is exactly the move Jerry should have made with other players. Well done, Jerry.

    Spencer will be surprised how little money comes his way in the offseason, and Dallas can get a discount if the younger players and draft don't produce a better option.

    Both Spencer and Ware could wind down quickly. Don't be left with a big contract on either to drag down the team.
  12. Next Years Champ

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    I'm not sure if the fact that Ware is there and that means Ware gets all the featured roles on the DL as far as moving him around to free him up and creating the opportunities to fall Ware's way or whether Spencer just isn't that talented in the 3-4.

    I expect Spencer to have a big year now in the 4-3 where his pass rushing will be more featured. When he played for Purdue..he was a 4-3 DL. And he played great.

    So while on paper it may look like the right move..we might also make a big mistake here in not getting him a better deal.

    It's not clear to me at all. We've already spent a #1 on Spencer and if he goes..we will need ANOTHER #1 next year or a big FA signing to replace him. And that guy won't be cheap. Spencer can play both DE and LBer for us and that should help disguise the defense at times to our advantage.

    And on top of that, Rob Ryan's defense schemes were stinko. Judging Spencer's worth in that system is just wrong.

    Just saying.
  13. Ultimategamer5567

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    And what makes you so sure? Dallas just spent a third-round pick on a DE a year ago; Tyrone Crawford. Let's see what he can do before we start assuming they'll need to drop a first-round pick or a huge contract to fill the void of losing Spencer.
  14. AmberBeer

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    The original teams that want their sought after FA's almost always get them. If they don't, it's usually because they really don't want them. Bryant's not going anywhere. Neither is Carter or Lee if they stay healthy. Lot's of factors involved.
  15. Next Years Champ

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    Why I'm so sure is because we've already lost a ton of high draft picks on the DL over the last couple of years and replaced them with nothing and continue to rely on Ware to be our pass rush. He's now physically unable to do it for a full season because of it.

    The Cowboys have been trying to make up for lack of talent with Schemes like Ryan tried to do to disquise the problems but it always the same achilles pass rush, poor safety play and LBers who get exploited in passing downs.

    I'm certain the new 4-3 defense is going to improve the fact that teams run on us regularly and get into 3 and short too much. But I'm not so certain with the DL we have that it's going to also be able to pass the passer.

    We are going to need a superior pass rusher least one. And we don't have him.

    FA or the draft is the only answer.

    Next Year..not this one..we have too many cap problems to go get a stud pass rusher. And unless we draft in the top 3-5 next year..drafting him isn't going to happen either.

    So no matter what, we are in a rebuilding mode this year and next.

    So we'll see.

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