News: ESPND: David Buehler might not be just a kicker

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    Sep 5
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    By Tim MacMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- David Buehler could be more than a kickoff specialist for the Cowboys again.

    Buehler, whose performance at the scouting combine compared favorably to a lot of linebackers, played a variety of special teams roles as a rookie, such as covering punts and blocking on returns, to help justify dedicating a second roster spot to a kicker. That could be the case again for Buehler with rookie Dan Bailey handling the placekicking duties.

    Read what Garrett says:
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    I think you have to look at Buehler as a core special teamer, who also happens to be able to KO and try the occasional long field goal. He probably is the best special team player on the Cowboys roster.

    I wonder if they'll try him at gunner.....
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    :eek: Uh, ok then.
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    That would be nice if Beuhler could do a little more.

    I think some of those players on the bubble should also practice kickoffs. If some bubble player could kick the ball 70 yds, they would be on the team. Doesn't hurt to have another skill. You never know, maybe some player has some hidden kick-off talent.:)

    How far can Jesse Holley kick the ball?:)
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    ...and it wouldn't hurt to have someone else mixing Gatorade during the game; maybe clean-up all those balls of tape that pile up near the bench; and that inflatable helmet doesn't re-pack itself...
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    In terms of versatility, yes.

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