News: ESPND: DeMarco Murray feels fine after 'most physical game'

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    By Tim MacMahon

    LANDOVER, Md. – DeMarco Murray walked out of FedEx Field with a significantly reduced yards-per-carry average and a lot of respect for the Redskins’ defense.

    “That was probably the most physical game I’ve ever been a part of,” Murray said after the overtime win.

    “There were a few times that I definitely should have and it was all on me,” Murray said. “My offensive line and [John Phillips] did an awesome job blocking and I just wasn’t able to make that guy miss. Three or four times, I definitely should have broken a big one.”

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    Very short week coming up, so these guys really need to rest up.
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    I'm proud of Murray, you won't have 100+ yards every week in the NFL.

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