News: ESPND: Dez Bryant asked for guidance

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Jenky, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Dez Bryant asked for guidance
    Updated: August 28, 2012, 1:49 PM ET
    By Tim MacMahon |

    IRVING, Texas -- The strict guidelines on Dez Bryant's personal life were a result of the Dallas Cowboys receiver asking for help, his adviser said.

    During a Tuesday appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Ben & Skin Show," David Wells said Bryant realized he needed to make some changes and asked for guidance. Wells said he formed a support group that included Texas state senator, Bryant's attorney Royce West and a couple of ministers who sat down with Bryant to form a plan that was approved by Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones.
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    If that's the case I applaud him for his proactive approach to getting his off field issues in order. I think he is a good kid that wants to do the right thing. I am hoping a few years from now this issue is a distant memory and Dez is playing to a level commensurate with his immense talent
  3. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Sounds like he wants to mature and you gotta love that in a young player.
  4. rocboy22

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    hopefully other writers can get off of Jerry for this now. cough...cough..PFT...cough
  5. elcowboi

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    I agree............ But I can't wait to see the negative comments. Lol.
  6. iceberg

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    queue risen...
  7. arglebargle

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    The first part of solving your problems is realizing you have a problem.
  8. RXP

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    I'm reaaly pulling for the kid. Not only because it's in the best interests of the Cowboys (which as fans we all want, but it's also in his best interest as well.

    God as given him a special ability. He has a chance to become a terrific (and rich) football player and, more importantly, a good person. He can also throw himself into the abyss. It's really up to him. And it sounds like he's taking steps towards the former rather than the latter. For his own sake, I hope he makes it.
  9. newlander

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    it's ALL there for him....and for us if he can keep out of trouble. As Drew Pearson said recently: time to grow up kid. Nothing to it, but to do it.:starspin
  10. Doomsday101

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    Jerry took the heat for something Dez and his rep asked for. :lmao:

    Some how, some way there will be those who still find fault with this and lay it at the feet of Jerry.
  11. dadymat

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    if anyone has a problem with the rules after reading this then they are just clueless ....this is a very good sign from Dez
  12. visionary

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    this is what i was going to say after reading this story

    sounds like they came up with the plan and jerry agreed to it
  13. ethiostar

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  14. Doomsday101

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  15. jazzcat22

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    Yeah, isn't that the truth.....the haters are laying back...planning their spew...:lmao2:

    I feel JJ will gladly take the heat for this too, keep it off of Dez...
  16. burmafrd

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    you know the boys could have announced this and prevented all the sturm und drang in the media and elsewhere
  17. zrinkill

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    I am surprised you listen to the media when you do not believe what they say away from sports.
  18. fortdick

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    I am far from being a Dez supporter, but this, if true, makes me halfway change my mind. Only halfway though. Talking a good game is one thing, but you have to demonstrate it with actions. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  19. JBond

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    I have been critical of Dez. I think this a tremendous step for him. I really hope it works. No more Dez bashing from me.
  20. nablives

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    I'm glad David Wells, whom has never had any ties to the Cowboys prior to Dez, and has never misled the press, came out and clarified this so the frickin' haters can finally get to steppin'!

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