News: ESPND: Dez Bryant turning into best receiver of his class

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Feb 20, 2013.

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    There were 31 wide receivers taken in the 2010 NFL draft, with the Cowboys moving up to select Dez Bryant out of Oklahoma State with the 24th pick. Looking at the receivers taken in that class and how they've produced, Bryant is emerging as the best of the bunch.

    In three seasons, Bryant leads all the receivers in his class in yards (2,871), catches (200) and touchdowns (27). Denver's Demaryius Thomas is closest to him in yards with 2,268 and Tampa Bay's Mike Williams is closest in touchdowns with 23.

    The Steelers' Antonio Brown (2,062 yards and seven touchdowns) has also shown himself to be a dynamic receiver, and of course you can see the talent in Seattle's Golden Tate (1,297 yards and 10 touchdowns). But Bryant's big-play ability, given his increasing understanding of the offense, is making him the cream of the crop.

    In terms of becoming one of the best receivers in the game, he's still needs more seasoning before he's mentioned with Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall.
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    Turning into? He clearly is.
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    IMO - He hasn't hit his "ceiling" yet, he's going to get better. Scary.
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    I think Dez made some big strides this past season especially in the 2nd half of the season where he looked like he had a better grasp of the offense and a better feel for Romo. I look for bigger things from Dez this next season
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    I bought the guy's jersey as soon as it came out, but at the start of this year I wasn't as anxious to wear it as I had been. That had changed back again by December as Dez was making his presence felt. Romo has clearly figured out that what he puts up, #88 is likely to come down with. Now if we could give Romo a couple seconds in the pocket so he could at least set up to throw...
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    I have been a pretty harsh critic of Dez prior to his drastic improvement. If Dez can become a true "professional" and handle his business like he did late in the season, I think he can be one of the best in the business. It is a shame that he didn't seem to have his focus right before the end of this season. His numbers would be off the charts if he had came into the league all "dialed in".
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    He got that #88 for a reason. An extreme talent, and just as big of a dumby as Irvin was in his early years. Dez has the potential to be even better than Irvin.
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    Kudos to Dez, he has earned the pats on the back !!!
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    Remember when a lot of people thought 88 Irvin would make good trade material?

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