News: ESPND: Eagles, Cowboys remember Rob Ryan's comments

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    Oct 26
    PM CT
    By Calvin Watkins

    IRVING -- Fridays is the day Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan speaks with reporters. On Wednesday afternoon, Ryan was a topic for the Cowboys and Eagles.

    As a quick reminder, Ryan during training camp referred to the Eagles as "the all-hype team."

    The full quote is here.

    Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was reminded of those comments during a conference call with Dallas-area reporters Wednesday.

    "We know it's a competitive game," Vick said. "Sometimes people say things that they regret days, weeks or months later. I think from a competitive standpoint, he was just talking. It was nothing that we really paid any attention to because we know what really counts is when you step onto the football field and whoever wins or loses the game. That's what matters."

    Read what Cowboys commented:
  2. Go Big D!

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    He meant every word of it, Mike.
  3. goliadmike

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    I'll paraphrase for coach Ryan..."**** yeah! I meant every word of it and still ****ing mean it!"
  4. Ren

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    You mean like "dream team" Mike?

    poor Philly, always such victims
  5. Bullflop

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    Sounds like Rob got under their skin a little. Good for him, not so good for them. It's karma, methinks.

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