News: ESPND: Graziano: Final Word: NFC East

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    By Dan Graziano |

    ***Cowboys snippets only***

    Keep up the blitz. The Cowboys had a lot of success when they sent five or more pass-rushers at Eli Manning in Week 1. The Giants' quarterback was only 3-of-7 in those situations, a far cry from the way he abused the Cowboys when they blitzed him last year. As they continue to rely on the improved coverage by their defensive backs, the Cowboys could blitz more going forward, and Sunday's game in Seattle might be a good time to try it. Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson was 6-of-18 and took three sacks last week when the Cardinals sent five or more pass-rushers at him.

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    I'm sure Seattle has game-planned for this--key will be how well our LBs cover and/or close on the ball
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    as the great Mike Tyson once said "everyone has a plan till you hit em in the mouth"

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