News: ESPND: Hudson Houck on Larry Allen

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    Nov 4
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    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- Hudson Houck knows what a Hall of Fame offensive lineman looks like.

    He coached Bruce Matthews and Anthony Munoz at Southern Cal. He had Jackie Slater with the Los Angeles Rams.

    Larry Allen, who will be inducted into the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor on Sunday, will one day be in that category.

    “Larry is as explosive a player as I’ve ever coached,” Houck said. “Everyone knows he can run and he’s extremely strong and that he’s got great reaction, great recovery. His lower body strength, his core strength, that’s the thing when he is out of position that helps get him in the right position. But what people don’t know is how smart he is. He’s kind of a quiet man, but he’s a very smart man … He didn’t make mental mistakes and was a very good learner.”

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    Larry Allen was the best OL player to ever wear a Cowboy uniform. He started at RG, moved to LT to protect Aikman in 1997 & then over to LG when we drafted a LT. In all 3 positions he was legitimatedly voted a pro bowler. Wish I could be at the stadium to see him, along with the other 2, inducted into the ROH. There should be no doubt he will make the HOF in his first try. What a great player.

    Wonder if Emmit & Michael will be at the stadium. Assume Moose nor Troy will be able to make it.
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    LA actually started at RT, then RG, LT, LG. He played every position, at a pro bowl level, except for center. As great as he was, he came in at the tail end of the Cowboys dominance, as he only appeared and help win one SB.

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