News: ESPND: Jason Garrett trusts offense, self

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    Defensive-leaning draft shows Cowboys like what's in place on other side

    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- How the Dallas Cowboys drafted speaks to Jason Garrett's confidence in himself.

    Offensive head coaches tend to lean offensively when they compose their rosters. Defensive head coaches tend to lean defensively when they compose their rosters. It's just how the NFL go, to paraphrase Ron Washington.

    Five of the Cowboys' seven 2012 draft picks play on the defensive side of the ball.

    The easy answer to that type of leaning is that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan needed the most help.

    The Cowboys did not finish 8-8 in 2011 because of their offense. They finished 8-8 because their defense could not hold five fourth-quarter leads. They finished one game out of the playoffs because their defense tailed off and could not make game-changing plays in the final five weeks of the season.

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