News: ESPND: Mike Jenkins misses practice with migraine

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by wittenacious, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Whole e crap.
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    here we go
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    It is getting harder and harder to defend this guy.

    First, he took it upon himself to handle his own recovery, which kept him out of the preseason. A recovery, which if he had allowed the team to oversee, he would have likely been ready by preseason. Rather or not the recovery was legit is another question. Given what we have seen from him thus far, frankly I would not be suprised if his "recovery" was the result of not wanting to play in the preseason. The story was that he had asked for a trade, and, of course, if he had gotten an injury in preseason, that would have killed any chance of a trade. Form your own conclusion, but personally, I think he could have played.

    Then he wore a Phillies hat to a function that has been traditionally a Suit and Tie affair where the Cowboys Alma Mater get's a look at the new team. Many apologist said it was a "style thing" and not a calculated jab at Jerry. What ever it was intended to be, I think it comes down to rather or not you respect the organization you work for or you don't. Wearing any kind of hat to that function was in poor taste.

    And now he skips his first opportunity to practice, a practice that would have likely decided rather or not he would play against the Giants, because he has a migraine. Really? Something tells me he is going to continue to have non-descript issues that cannot be confirmed until the team finds a willing trade partner. And I hate it, because I really think the Cowboys need him more than most fans realize.
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    Can't imagine Mike having had a more worthless offseason/preseason. He's sure been ruining any goodwill he might have earned with the Cowboys fan base.

    This migraine thing is a new twist, to add to the mix. So glad we went out and got BCarr and then drafted Mo Claiborne... more and more every day MJenkins-related news comes to light.
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    lol jenkins. I hope he knows he is trying to play for a contract. He is only hurting his chances the more crap he pull.

    Glad we resigned scandrick, went and got carr and The Claymaker.
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    I don''t really care for glassman, I know he can play CB but he isn't the shutdown corner he thinks he is although he is a really good CB. He can't tackle and he isn't Deon in coverage. I had hoped they could trade him and get a pick or two for him, in saying all of that I used to suffer from migraines and if he really does have them (first time I've heard him having him though) then I completely understand him sitting out. Sorry people but the pain is excruciating, I've passed out from it, thrown up, seen spots and colors and a myriad of other things when I had them, Ive never had an ice pick shoved through my eye but that is about the only pain piercing enough I can think of to equate it to. And as far as pain, I've fallen 60 feet down the side of a mountain, had my right foot crushed by an A-7 Cosair jet and had my hand smashed in pressurized steel hatch... And none of it was as bad as the pain of a migraine.
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    My wife has occasional migraines and they are no joke, but......this is a first for Jenkins that I can recollect. One would think if he truly did have a migraine, he would have a history of them. The timing of this is puzzling, he gets one on his first available day to practice? And if Jenkins really does have a migraine and this is his first one ever, how does he know it is a migraine, why not categorize it as just a headache?

    I am beginning to think he really does not care about playing for Dallas and is just biding his time. He is in a contract year and it is in his best interest to play at his best. Hopefully he really had an excuse to sit out and is not posturing.
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    I agree. Migraines are NO JOKE... not by any means. Your wife has had them, so obviously you know. I've suffered from migraines in the past and they can be horrible to have to suffer through, both during and from the after-effects.

    But, like you say, the timing is puzzling given I don't recall having heard of any history of Jenkins having suffered from them in the past, either.

    When I first saw a tweet about it (before the Calvin wrote his blog piece), I posted this as my initial reaction:

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    now all a sudden he has these is trying to hold out not practicing as much as he can.

    Wonder how his teammates are feeling about this. Man up and play. He has taken the easy route all offseason and so far this season. He should of been in training camp but no he relaxed on rehab and etc.
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    What'll it be tomorrow? A hangnail?
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    I call BULL ****
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    Man, you guys are quick to convict.

    I guess Jenkins also must have told the doctor not to clear him, but the doctor wouldn't listen ... since Jenkins is obviously trying to get out of Dallas by faking a migraine.
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    I've gotta admit man, I was really disapointed at first that we took Claiborne because I figured Mike will be good to go. I can't agree with you more right now thank god we added 2 starting corners
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    bruised ego
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    Was Saturday offense, defense, or special teams emphasis day?
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    It was I'm mike jenkins and I'm butt hurt because they signed and drafted a cb this offseason so I'm gonna pout and cry about it day.

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