News: ESPND: Point the finger at the Cowboys' defense

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    By Dan Graziano

    So you know how much I like to mix it up with all of you on Twitter. It's the first thing I check when the wheels of the plane hit the ground, and when that happened at Newark Airport this morning I saw that @EZ_Money13 had sent me this bit of 140-character wisdom:

    This loss isn't by any means on Romo but it's gonna b "the talk of the town" bc it was n December

    And @EZ_Money13 is right, of course, but what I told him and what I believe is that that's plain silly. Not only that, it goes to show how silly all of this obsessing over Romo's December record is. Romo was 21-for-31 on Sunday for 321 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. That's not a good game for a quarterback, it's a great one. And if you're a quarterback and you throw a touchdown pass that puts your team up 34-22 with less than six minutes on the clock in a home game, you have every right to consider that game won.

    The problem, as later tweeters pointed out, was that Romo missed badly on a third-down toss to Miles Austin just before the two-minute warning that would have, if completed, either padded the Dallas lead or at least allowed them to chew more time off the clock. But (a) Austin said he lost the ball in the lights and (b) are we really going to hit Romo for one of his 10 incompletions in a game in which the Cowboys scored 34 points?

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    I say this with all sincerity and heartfelt sympathy and empathy. If you blame Romo for this loss, you're stupid. Yeah, there was chance to pad the lead, but Miles lost the ball in the lights. It would make more sense to blame Bailey for having his FG blocked. But we all know those fools on defense lost this game.

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