News: ESPND: Scout's Eye: Cowboys-Dolphins review (Romo's mistakes, Newman, Ware, Spencer)

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    Nov 2912:31PM CTEmailPrintCommentsBy Bryan BroaddusThe Dallas Cowboys ended November with a 4-0 record and the 18th career win for Tony Romo in the month since he took over as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys.

    As impressive as that stat is, fans care more about what you do in December, January and now February. You have heard me mention many times before how difficult it is to win in the National Football League. You fully appreciate how hard it really is and how grateful you are when it happens after being in offices around the league.

    The 2011 Cowboys have done a nice job of playing their best football at the right times. There are too many times that we get caught up in what the opposing team’s record is, using that as a base for how we think the Cowboys will play on a weekly basis.

    In the tradition of things to be thankful for, I am grateful that I get the opportunity to break these games down for you, trying to give you a clear idea of why and how with this Dallas Cowboys squad.

    Read his detailed observations:

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