News: ESPND: Tyrone Crawford pushing to become a starter

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    One projected future starter is defensive end/tackle Tyrone Crawford, a third-round pick in 2012.

    Crawford has a chance to become a starter -- maybe not this year, but in the future -- given the contract and age status of the defensive line.

    "For me and every single guy on the defensive line, they will tell me and even the vets like Hatch and Rat, go into every year trying to be a starter," Crawford said. "That's what I do every year, even if I don't get the starting spot. I'm playing like a starter when I'm on second string. We all have big roles. If we can fill those roles this year like we're starters (playing) on the second string, we might have one of the best defensive line in the NFL."

    Crawford was drafted as a defensive end, but in this new 4-3 scheme, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is asking him to play end and tackle. Crawford said everybody on the defensive line has to know all the spots.

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    I like Crawford. If he takes a step forward with the pass rush, he looks like he's on the trend to become a starter in this league.

    I also think Lissemore is going to have a better year this year than he did last. He looked like he took a step backward to me last season, but then I've heard he played through what was a fairly nasty ankle sprain for much of the year, too. I'm hoping that was the case, because he looked like an overachiever capable of winning starting snaps in 2011, too.

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