News: ESPND: What Went Right: No. 5 Bruce Carter

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys entered 2012 hoping Bruce Carter would be able to develop into a starter on the defense, but they didn’t know he would.

    How unsure were they? They signed veteran Dan Connor to a two-year, $7 million deal as insurance.

    The Cowboys are no longer unsure, but there is worry about Carter’s ability to stay healthy. They got him in the second round in 2011 because of a knee injury suffered at North Carolina, and he missed the final five games in 2012 because of a left elbow injury.

    In between, however, Carter showed he has long-term ability if not Pro Bowl potential.

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    Luckily, knee injuries are not related to elbow injuries, so Carter isn't labeled injury prone yet, and here's hoping he plays all 16 plus games next year. I liked the way he came on during the season, especially after Lee went down.

    If there is a way that Dallas can keep Spencer, and heal Ware, and keep all four linebackers on the field, I think the defense is going to be dominate. Of course, somebody good has to play the D-line, and that is far from resolved.

    Church isn't the final answer to the safety question, but he'll do until a high draft pick can be added. Sensabaugh needs to consider a retirement date in the near future also.

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