News: ESPND: Why the Cowboys support Josh Brent

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    Jun 28
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    By Calvin Watkins |

    It would be easy for the Dallas Cowboys to release Josh Brent.

    He's failed two drug tests while on bail for an intoxication manslaughter charge resulting in the death of his best friend and practice squad player Jerry Brown. Brent, in my opinion, should be released.

    The Cowboys won't do it, at least for now.

    One of the big reasons Brent remains on the roster is he knows he's going to jail for a period of time. It's not a matter of if he goes to jail, it's when. How long is uncertain.

    Those close to Brent say he's living with tremendous guilt over the death of his best friend.

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    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I like and respect that the Cowboys organization - management, coaches and players - are all in support of Josh Brendt. My fear for him is when he does go to jail and his support system on the outside is replaces by dangerous inmates on the inside who won't care a lick abuot him. I pray he is strong enough to overcome that and not get led astray under the tramendoud guild that he now harbors.
  3. Zimmy Lives

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    I agree. I do not believe Brent to be a malicious or evil person. I just think he is immature and dumb and can turn things around with a good support group. He will do time but that should not prevent the Cowboys from keeping him on the roster.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Supporting a guy when the crash happened was one thing.

    Continuously supporting him even though he's done nothing but dig himself a deeper hole is another.

    To what extent will the Cowboys support the guy? What would it actually take for them to back away from him?

    While waiting to see what his punishment will be he tested positive for weed and without a doubt he was told about it. He then smoked more weed and failed a second test just 3 weeks later.

    Supporting a guy through a tragic accident is reasonable. Supporting a guy through repeated examples of horrid judgement and disregard for the law is not.
  5. Idgit

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    I guess they mean it.
  6. JoeyBoy718

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    I think they should support him behind closed doors. I think he has a legitimate substance abuse problem and he needs help and support. I just think there's a way to do it discretely.
  7. yentl911

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    I think the organization should cut all ties with this kid. He has made no attempt to straighten out his life by his recent failure of two drug tests and enough is enough.
    He should be overcome with guilt - that would be a natural response considering he was drunk, was speeding and made bad decisions which ultimately lead to the death of his best friend. He also should be held accountable for his actions.
    We as a society no longer want to be held accountable for what we say or do and I feel that is a huge problem. He made a mistake - intentional or not - and he needs to pay for his actions.
  8. jobberone

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    If the Cowboys want to do so and the players are behind it as well as the FO I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it. It's their decision and creates no problems for the fans.
  9. Sarge

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    His leash SHOULD be very short at this point. Yes, Brent should be supported by the Cowboys and the fans if they so choose, but at some point if this failed drug testing continues, Jerry has to start thinking about the face of the team and it's image. I feel for the guy, but a time comes when a business decision to cut him might be necessary for the Cowboys image. . . . .02
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  10. erod

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    If Dallas had a better option at the 1-tech tackle position, I suspect the support might not be as ardent.
  11. Wood

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    boy it is slow when top article is Josh Brent. Can they put the boards in deep freeze until TC?
  12. Idgit

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    Can't speak for anybody, but I know that factor hardly matters in my book. I more than half expect the league to hand down a significant penalty when this is all said and done, anyway.

    I just would like to see some good come out of this tragedy somewhere along the line. If that's just Brent getting back in control of his life, and never playing another down in the NFL, I'm ok with that. If it's him getting it together enough that he can play again, that's even better. Especially if he gets enough in a contract down the road to help out Jerry's young family. That's the best possible outcome as far as I can tell.
  13. dcdallaschick

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    If keeping him also maintains his access to team and NFL substance abuse and/or counseling resources, then I have no problem with it. It's a kindness toward a troubled guy they can still try to help in some way until the legal system (and then the league) assesses punishment, and then other arrangements can be made.
  14. jobberone

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    He has a substance abuse problem and almost certainly underlying psychological problems. That needs to be treated for his sake and for society as a whole. If you care little about Brent then you may consider caring about the economic impact addicts have vs someone contributing to the world, US, local community economically as well as otherwise. So that's a no brainer.

    If you can best accomplish that as they're doing then great. If he's best served otherwise then do that. Right now his career in football is on the back burner awaiting successful treatment of his substance abuse.

    Again I fail to understand why anyone has so much emotional investment into seeing Brent gone from the team. I don't believe for a second the team's support is injuring the Cowboys in any way and in fact is enhancing it. The victim's family wishes it and that alone is enough for the club to do everything it can. Apparently the team wants to help outside that which I find admirable.
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