News: ESPNNY: Fewell: Coe will start at cornerback

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    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Perry Fewell confirmed that Michael Coe will be the starter at cornerback in place of the injured Prince Amukamara.

    "He'll get the start," Fewell said. "In the OTAs, Michael performed well and really gave us the confidence that we had another guy that was competing at corner."

    "Michael can run, he is very fast," Fewell added later. "Michael is physical and is not afraid. And Michael has a very strong mentality. If he doesn't have success on a play, we can chew his (rear) out and he'll come back and make a play for you. So I like his mental makeup also."

    Amukamara has a high ankle sprain and is hoping to play in Week 2 against Tampa Bay. Fewell did not say who he is leaning toward playing as the nickel back against slot receivers. But it could be safety Antrel Rolle, who handled that role last year at times.

    "It can be Rolle," Fewell said. "It could be Will Hill. It could be Jayron (Hosley). We’ve liked the way he’s practiced. We don’t really know, so we’ve got three guys ready."

    Good luck trying to hang with Mr. Bryant, you're gonna need it buddy...
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    Who ever it is they choose upon, better get boning up quickly upon the prosect of facing up with Miles Austin!:giants:
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    There is your exploit player!
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    We have a history of NOT exploiting weaknesses. I fully expect the mentality of,"They are expecting us to attack their db's so lets run up the gut instead.". I really like how JG wants to build the team but I think he overthinks things sometimes.

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