News: Everson Walls on Cold Pizza... ranking the top 5 DBs

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by peplaw06, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. peplaw06

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    5. Charles Woodson... "because of his experience"
    4. Chris Gamble... Everson likes his physicality
    3. Ricky Manning... "because of his ball-hawking"
    2. Shawn Springs... "can't catch a cold in Alaska, but has experience, strong, fast, arrogance because he's from Ohio State"
    1. Ty Law... "because he's number 24 (haha)... makes big plays in big games, has won every matchup against every WR he has faced"

    Uhh, love ya Everson, but this list is awful. No Champ, no TNew, no DeAngelo Hall?? Champ and Hall are considered two of the best shut down guys in the game.
  2. wesleyc288

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    Charles Woodson? LOL! I like Everson Walls but these rankings are trash!
  3. Vintage

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    Gamble? But no Lucas?
  4. Yakuza Rich

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    It would be bad even if they had DeAngelo. The only guy deserving is Springs (although I'll wait until Joyner's book comes out to get a full determination of how good Springs is).

    Champ, Newman, Deltha O'Neal, Nathan Vasher, Ken Lucas, Aaron Glenn, Rashean Mathis, Leigh Bodden, Sheldon Brown, and Al Harris are just some names off the top of my head that were far better last season than any of the players on Walls' list...sans Springs.


    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    I love Everson Walls, but he makes crappy lists..

    by the way, did Adam ever tell us if any other starting CB didn't give up a touchdown last year besides Newbie?
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    That's an awful list. :laugh2:

    5. A malingering primadonna still living off his Heisman
    4. Good talent, but goes braindead at times
    3. He's so good, the Panthers couldn't wait to pay Lucas a ton to replace him
    2. He is good, very solid, but definitely not #2 in the leage.
    1. This was true five years ago, but not now. And to say that any CB "has won every matchup against every WR he has faced" is straight baloney. Everson of all people should know that.
  7. wesleyc288

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    I think Ty Law's play last year showed that he deserved to be on the list as well....but your right Other than Springs and Law......i dont think the other three need to be in the top 5
  8. k19

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    Wow, nice list. Does Everson watch football anymore ????
  9. Chief

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    In most cases, it's a joke to have these ex-players do rankings like this. I watched it, and it was obvious that Everson is out of touch with the players in today's NFL. Even after the host said that Manning played for the Bears, Everson remarked that Gamble and Manning make Carolina's secondary very good, etc.

    A scout or a statistics guru would have a lot better information, but I guess they wouldn't be as tv-friendly.
  10. AdamJT13

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    Ricky Manning was a backup last season for the Panthers. He's a backup right now for the Bears. And he had only two interceptions last year. So I'm pretty certain he's not a "ball-hawk" who is the third-best defensive back in the NFL.
  11. aznhalf

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    Ty Law...

    my brain hurts.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    not Tnew? No respect......whaz up?
  13. kmd24

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    At least we now know Nors's true identity.
  14. Bob Sacamano

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    5. Charles Woodson...injured has-been
    4. Chris Gamble... I can see where Everson is going w/ this, so I'll leave this one be, although he'd be 10th at highest on my list
    3. Ricky Manning... :laugh2: #2 corner in a stack D-backfield
    2. Shawn Springs...#5 on my list
    1. Ty Law...makes big plays, and gives them up in droves
  15. illone

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    Interesting list. I certainly wouldn't have springs that high, maybe #5 due to his versatility. Champ gives up too many scores to be considered. I know people love him and his reputation is that of a shut down CB, but I can name 15 guys who I'd rather have on my team. DeAngelo Hall is one of them. Terrence Newman is another. Deltha O'Neal, Nathan Vasher, and Ronde Barber are better than Champ.

    I'd have:

    1. Law
    2. Barber
    3. O'Neal
    4. Gamble
    5. Springs
  16. jobberone

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    Interesting list. Very good for a Skin's fan. ;)
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    the only CB on your list that I would consider "shutdown", is Springs and Barber

    Gamble and Law give up alot of big plays, just like Champ, who you dont' have in your top 5

    so I'd go:

    1. Newman
    2. Deltha O'Neal
    3. Champ
    4. Samari Rolle
    5. Springs
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    I don't understand the Chris Gamble love. Erratic player in coverage and tackling. Teams focused their efforts towards him and strayed away from Ken Lucas for good reason. Lucas could hurt them and they could hurt Gamble.

    I can understand the Ty Law love given what he's done over the years. But, he gave up a ton of short and intermediate stuff in 2005. He played the deep stuff well because he protected it so much and he was good at getting INTs, but he wasn't all that great last year.

  19. kTXe

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    Wait, wait, wait...are you saying that Springs is better than Newman?

    If so, ball up your fist and repeatedly slam it into your...well, you know.
  20. superpunk

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    Springs is lame.


    Then Newman. :)

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