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every year i come to the first game of the season with the same excitement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by thor_01, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

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    How true. I thought getting Galloway would get us back to the SB but after it was 21-0, I knew we were in for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng year.

    Anyway, this year will be different. For the first time since 1999 we will win the opener, won't we? ;)
  2. Tio

    Tio Armchair QB

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    I had a good feeling last year. I refuse to get my hopes up.

    Oh hell, 19-0 baby!!!!!
  3. Tio

    Tio Armchair QB

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    But you thought we would be 10-6 under romo last year.
  4. dougonthebench

    dougonthebench Cowboys Forever

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    Im looking forward to a much improved year.9-7 would be a safe bet to make,but I'm gonna say 10-6.I think we win a few of those close games (last year).

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