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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThatsmyQB, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. ThatsmyQB

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    Round 1: C.B. DRC, he's one hell of an athlete, he gives us a great #3 C.B. to replace Reeves and will take over opposite Newman in 09.

    Round 1: W.R. James Hardy
    Gives us a future #1 W.R. for the next decade and another huge target for Romo!

    Round 2: R.B. Ray Rice
    I feel the other guys like Jamaal Charles and Johnson will be off the board!
    While Rice isn't the SPEED guy everyone wants, I don't care, I want the best R.B. available, and Rice will be the best remaining R.B. left I feel if he falls this far.

    Round 3: C.B./S. Terrell Thomas
    Gives us another good D.B. who is versatille, and who could be our #3 C.B. next year once we move DRC to the starting spot, or he could take over for Roy Williams if he doesn't show improvement, or could take over for Hamlin if he's not resigned, gives us lots of options and having another good cover D.B. is never a bad thing.

    Round 4: Q.B. Josh Johnson

    We need to groom another Q.B. behind Romo and this is as good of a prospect as any, he ran a 4.55, but what's impressive is his 68% completioon percentage and what's more impressive (even at ANY LEVEL) is his 43 T.D. passes to 1 int, NOT A TYPO, that's ONE INT and 43 T.D.'s, even just a tipped pass by a defender or a D-lineman should result in more then 1 INT. LOL

    Round 5: O.T./O.G. Keith Brandon
    6'-5 350 with good feet, what more do you want?

    Round 6: C.B. Jake Ikegwounu
    Won't play in 08', and that's fine, has the talent of a 1st rounder and we take a gamble he'll come back healthy cause in all honesty, there's no way all our draft picks are gonna make this team in limited roster spots that we have on this team, so why not take a guy to put on injured reserve, and see what he brings the following year instead of just some body to have in camp who's probably not gonna make the team anyway.

    Round 7: Trade away to move up in another round or for a future 6th round pick or something, I can't see any 7th rounder making our team with our roster so tight as it is with so many good player we currently have anyway.

    Here's our final draft.

    C.B. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    W.R. James Hardy
    R.B. Ray Rice
    C.B./S. Terrell Thomas
    Q.B. Josh Johnson
    O.T./O.G. Keith Brandon
    C.B. Jake Ikegwounu

    O.K., here's your chance to bust on my draft or compliment it!
    Cause like I told someone else, you can't bust on someone's mock if you don't have the balls to post one of your own, but feel free to bust on mine even if you haven't posted a mock.
    Any feedback is welcome!
  2. HoosierCowboy

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    I'd be excited about these picks
  3. Natedawg44

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    I love it. Great draft. Part of me is torn though wanting to get either Mendenhall, Stewart or Johnson out of this draft, but I like yours none the less.
  4. marchetta

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    That's a great GREAT draft, except give me Hillis (FB Arkansas) in the 4th rd. Hillis is going to be a dynamic weapon in the NFL. He catches and runs routes as well as any WR, and is a pretty good blocker. He will create nightmares when he catches out of the backfield, since no team will be able to match up against him, Witten, and TO.
  5. ThatsmyQB

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    Me too, I'd love Mendenhall, hell even Felix Jones!
    But if we dont' do anythinig in F/A to change anything from now till the draft, W.R. and C.B. is just more pressing needs that should be taken in round 1 compared to a R.B. where we already have Barber so that's why I went C.B. then W.R. and waited till round 2 for a R.B., I could even see us waiting till ruond 3 or 4 till we draft a R.B. if certain players fall that we like!
    I mean, if a guy like D.T. Pat Simms or a Jeff Otah or someone like that falls to round 2, it would be pretty hard to NOT take one of them and hold off on R.B. for another round, and then say in round 3 a player like C.B. Charles Godfrey or a Justin King is still sitting there???
    We'd then have to take one of them and wait till round 4 for a R.B., and maybe we get lucky and a guy like Steve Slaton is still there, or maybe move up to get him, who knows.

    I just don't like being MARRIED to having to get a R.B. with one of oyur top 3 picks since we have Barber!
    I mean would it kill us to wait till round 3 and get a guy like Steve Slaton or wait till round 4 and get a guy like Allen Patrick or even just have to go out and get a guy in F/A after the draft like a Tatum Bell?
    We have Barber as the starter, so while I'd love to get a guy in round 1 who's another stud or trade up in round 2 for a guy like Jamaal Charles or Chris Johnson, or Ray Rice, I could see us waiting till the 3rd or 4th round and getting one of the other guys.

    Remember Jones said we could be surprised about what we're gonna get at R.B., maybe he likes someone in college who could be around in round 3 or 4 and fell in love with im and thinks he'd be a good fit, who knows!

    That's why I love this years draft, so many options and so many good players at the 3 positions we need at C.B./W.R./R.B., it's very deep class at all 3 of those positions, which is perfect for us, but also means we coudl go another direction with one of our top 3 picks and use a 3rd or 4th on one of out top 3 positions R.B./W.R./C.B.!
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    I like your first 3 picks and I like the QB you have us taking.

    Can not say anything good or bad about the other picks as I just don't know about them one way or the other.

    I would say though that I would not mind taking another RB or WR with return skills later in the draft.

    Now our history of doing what I suggested has been pretty poor as of late, but sooner or later we got to hit on one of them...don't we.:laugh2:
  7. dannyboy

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    We are thinking along the same lines
    Here is what I hope fror

    1st- Limas Sweed (Texas-WR) / Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Tenn St)
    1st- Antoine Cason (Arizona-CB) / Devin Thomas (Mich St-WR)
    2nd - Jamaal Charles (Texas-RB) or top RB
    3rd - Dwight Lowery (San Jose State-CB)
    4th- Josh Barrett (Ariz St-SS)
  8. TheCount

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    Very solid draft, I don't know about taking two DB's in the first 3 rounds, but can't say I'd be upset if we did.

    If we walked away with this haul, I'd be very happy.
  9. ThatsmyQB

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    I wouldn't mind Sweed instead of Hardy, either/or!
    I don't like Cason with the #28 pick!
    I'd select Charles in round 2 over Ray Rice also, I just didn't think he'd fall that far!
  10. ThatsmyQB

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    The reason is because our 1st rounder would take over for Henry in 09' after being our #3 C.B. this year, that means we'll need another #3 C.B. to replace him, that's why I picked one in round 3, BUT he's not only a C.B. but can play safety too, thus is Roy Williams doesn't come through, we have his replacement with a year under his belt, and if we don't re sign Hamlin we have yet another option there, and like I said, and if roy and Hamlin both stay, he'd be our #3 C.B. which we'd need anyway in 09', that was my reasoning behind selected two D.B.'s early!
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    DRC won't be there at 22.

    Hardy won't be there at 28.

    Ray Rice is the most overrated back in the draft.

    I think we can find a solid player in the 4th as opposed to drafting some back up to hold Tony Romo's jock strap.

    3 corners wow can we just pack away the franchise now.

    Lol you trading away the 7th wheres the research go find a 7th round prospect don't jump on me for picking a name out of a hat and then you go and trade it away
  12. TVMan

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    You lose tremendous amounts of credibility with this statement.
  13. DaBoys4Life

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    any running back thats compared to Emmitt coming out of college is the most over rated RB unless its emitts son
  14. TVMan

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    Emmitt.....3,928 yards and 36 touchdowns in only three seasons
    Ray.............4,646 yards and 45 touchdowns in only three seasons

  15. DaBoys4Life

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    we all know extra productive pacts don't equate in the NFL ask Ron Dayne :lmao2::lmao:

    Kevin Smith almost broke Barry single season rushing record i guess he = barry sanders now right ?
  16. TVMan

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    I think you have gone off the deep end in your man love of Johnson.

    The topic doesn't revolve around Dayne or Sanders. You threw out the Emmitt comparison, so I just helped you come to an understanding of what you were saying there.

    For me, Johnson is to risky to spend a high draft choice on. I don't need to rely on stats to tell me that.
  17. DaBoys4Life

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    I stated i think he's overrated. You guy i lose all credibility i say how you figure when i see people compare Ray Rice to Emmitt. Now your saying i've made the comparison when you brought out both their college stats. I think you've misunderstand the stuff i've been trying to come across on. I don't think ray rice can give any team much at the next level 912 carries in 3 years is ridic.
  18. TVMan

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    :rolleyes: never mind.
  19. ThatsmyQB

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    Right now probably not!

    You gonna bet your life on that?
    There's a LOT of good W.R.'s and it's a deep W.R. class, he could very well be there, to say he absolutely WON'T tells me you don't follow the draft, but WAIT, we know that already cause you admitted you don't know much about anythign when it comes to prospects already!

    So you wouldn't use a late 2nd rounder on him?
    U SERIOUS???????
    If he was rated as a top 10 R.B. I could see you'd have a point saying he's overrated, but when I got us taking him in the end of round 2, that's a steal my friend!

    You're right, lets not ever draft a backujp to Romo and keep going with ONLY Brad Johnson! LOL
    Why would we want a Q.B. prospect who threw (not through) 43 T.D.'s and only had ONE INT all year and just ran a 4.55, that's just crazy talk! LOL

    So who would you suggest in round 6????
    Some no name woh won't make our roster and be camp fodder, or a guy who would of been a 1st round pick if not injured and take a chance he comes back healthy?

    I'm glad your'e not our G.M. let me say that!

    Can you READ?
    I said there's no point in us picking a 7th rounder BECAUSE there's NO MORE ROOM ON OUR ROSTER for a 7th rounder, it would be a WASTE OF A PICK!
    You picked a guy in round 7 where you weren't even CLOSE on the spelling of his name and STILL havent' fixed it in your SIG! LOL
    I have PLENTY of guys Id' like in round 7, but Id' rather use our late round picks to move up in other rounds to get our guys we want because the REALITY IS, most of our roster is already SET IN STONE and there's a slim to no chance a 7th rounder make the final roster!

    It's CLEAR you're just trying to poke holes at my mock because I ripped yours to shred, but you're only showing us all how little you know about the draft and it's players by these comments you know!
  20. zrinkill

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    This is a pretty nice Mock man ..... I would be ecstatic if it turned out this way.

    Really like the forward thinking with Jake Ikegwounu ...... only thing thats scares me is his burglary charge....but I know very little about the circumstances.

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