Evidence of the 3-4 switch

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Feb 1, 2005.

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    After reading about the players Dallas spoke with at the Senior Bowl, I am convinced that we are switching to the 3-4.
    Just look at the descriptions of the guys we showed interest in:

    Jim Davis DE (Virginia Tech)
    6'4" 265
    Strengths- Good size with the frame to get bigger and add some weight... Very aggressive and powerful... Pretty good athlete... Has some pass rush ability... Plays hard and always gives 100%... Productive player.
    Weaknesses- A 'tweener who doesn't have the size to play inside at tackle and lacks the speed and quickness you look for outside at end... Has had some injury problems in the past and durability is a concern... Inconsistent... Doesn't play the run as well as he should.
    Notes- Would fit best at defensive end in a 3-4 scheme such as Pittsburgh or Houston's... Doesn't have the physical tools you look for but he gets the job done and could succeed in the right scheme.

    Trent Cole DE (Cincinnati)
    6'4" 260
    Strengths- Has excellent natural athletic ability... Is in great shape... Has good speed... Is a good pass rusher... Does a great job in pursuit... Productive and had a big senior campaign.
    Weaknesses- Is undersized and needs to add weight and bulk up... Does not hold up well against the run... Doesn't always play up to his ability... May be a 'tweener and have to move to outside linebacker in the pros.
    Notes- Has some interesting tools and his athletic ability alone will get him a look... Won't be a good fit for every team but could succeed in the right scheme such as the 3-4.

    Marcus Spears DE (LSU)
    6'4" 297
    Strengths- Has excellent athletic ability... Good size and frame with long arms... Versatile... Very quick and agile... Strong... Does a nice job against the run... Has a knack for making the big play and scored multiple defensive touchdowns... Top character.
    Weaknesses- Isn't a dominating pass rusher and more of a left end... Lacks top end speed... Still raw and learning the position... A bit of a DE/DT 'tweener and may have to change positions in the pros... Needs to play with better technique and leverage.
    Notes- One of the top end recruits coming out of the prep ranks... May fit in best as a 3-4 defensive end at the pro level... Still has a lot of upside and could flourish in the right scheme.

    Notice a pattern here? The good news is that this probably means we are giving Merriman a good hard look, too.
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    I dont think the switch will be made this year. But if the Cowboys ever do switch to the 3-4 they will need more players that fit that mold. And if they gradually bring in players that might fit, it will make for an easier transition after next years season.
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    Well, depending on the players we acquire through free agency and the draft, I think we will see both looks (3-4, 4-3) as we did last year but if we acquire the proper players... you may see more 3-4 in an effort to make that transition entirely by 2006.

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