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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by stag hunter, Jun 9, 2005.

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    Uh, so is mine. :D
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    OK, I can't believe I didn't get into this thread earlier, but I'll bet I come up with the LONGEST response...

    Way back in the early 70s, I was going to college down at Texas-El Paso (UTEP)... I was all of 5-8, 150 pounds dripping wet, and I fancied myself a basketball player... not lacking for ego, I billed myself as the World's Greatest 5-8 Basketball Player...

    The basketball coach at UTEP at the time was the legendary Don Haskins, aka the Bear... I was just about a groupie for the guy, I was always talkin' about him, and my buddies at the dorm figured they'd insult me by callin' me "Bear, Junior"... problem was, I liked the nickname, LOL...

    And in the fullness of time, my scrawny frame filled out to a semi-powerful build, and I came to LOOK a little like a bear-- big ol' chest and torso, but fairly short arms and legs... then I grew a beard, giving me the requisite wooly look... anyway, the nickname stuck over the years...

    But when I first came online, and needed to come up with an online nom de plume, I found that "Bear" was taken in just about every forum I wandered into... so I figured that "SilverBear" would work, for two reasons:

    The Cowboys' colors are blue and silver, so workin' silver into the name was a tribute to my love for the team...

    And I used to work as a golf professional (club pro); in that biz, Jack Nicklaus was known as the Golden Bear... Jack was my hero, and I figured I'll never be near as good as him, and silver is less valuable than gold...

    And thus was the legend of SilverBear born... what followed was 7 years of troll baiting and epic-length draft analyses, LOL...
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    Well I'm a swedish cowboys fan. Not much more to it.

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