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    USS HARRY S. TRUMAN STATISTICS (6 month deployment):


    Chicken 210,741 lbs.

    Ice Cream 5,670 gal.

    Hamburger Patties 51,302 lbs.

    Steak 70,490 lbs.

    Hot Dogs 38,868 lbs.

    Shrimp 49,842 lbs.

    Milk 44,750 gal.

    Eggs 31,626 dozen

    Monthly grocery bill ~ $1.4 Million

    Soda 962,000 12 oz. cans

    Mail Received 165,800 lbs.

    Hair Cuts 23,520

    Ship's Laundry 576,000 lbs.

    NAVIGATION: Total Number of Miles Traveled: 41,225 (which equals roughly twice around the earth at the equator)

    Number of Consecutive Days at Sea: 89

    DECK: Replinishments at Sea: 33 (11 of which were combat UNREPs meaning transferring stores during flight operations)


    Repaired 11,252 aircraft components since Dec. 2002 on avionics, electrical systems, bomb and weapon systems; engines, air frames, hydraulics, air crew survival; maintenance and repair of flight line support equipment

    Repaired/tested 59 jet engines on the "Give 'em Hell" jet engine test cell· Mounted 638 new aircraft tires on wheel assemblies· Performed laboratory jet engine oil analysis on 1,431 samples· Performed 3,683 Non-Destructive Inspections on naval aircraft


    Number of motors rewound: 12

    Number of trouble calls cleared: 14,280

    Number of man hours used to clear trouble calls: 12,540

    Number of deferred maintenance actions cleared (2K's): 738

    Number of man hours to clear deferred maintenance actions: 8,178


    Outpatient visits 14,114

    Surgical procedures 163

    Admissions 65

    Total Inpatient Days 214

    Lab Procedures 13,311

    Prescriptions/OTC 17,341

    Audiograms 2,193

    Psychology Evaluations 89

    Smallpox Vaccinations 4,876 (completed in 96 hours)

    Anthrax vaccinations 13,148


    Annual exams Over 2,500

    Root canals 116

    Extractions 950

    Prophies (cleanings) 1,500


    NIPRNET E-mails: 5,598,000 e-mails received and 5,553,000 e-mails sent

    SIPRNET E-mails: 496,000 e-mails received and 641,000 e-mails sent


    TAD orders 240 totaling $478,684

    Emergency Leave Cases 68

    Indoctrination classes 26 ISO 781 newly reporting personnel

    General Quarters 13 total encompassing 790 exercises

    CRMD (Religion):

    Combined Number of Worship Opportunities: 1,358

    Combined Number of People in Attendance: 19,211

    Red Cross messages received: 496

    Internet Cyber Café Visits: 73,007

    Ship's Library Visits: 83,287


    Overall re-enlistment rate 80 percent

    Total re-enlistments 253

    ESWS qualified 575

    EAWS 500

    Exams Given 1,629

    OODs qualified 14

    JOODs qualified 21

    TAOs qualified 6

    Number of Selective Reenlistment Bonus's paid: 152 for a total of $3.56 million with an average payment of $23,426.

    Number of distinguished visitor embarks: 1,352

    Number of media embarks: 147

    MWR tours booked: 6,230

    Number of New Dads: 109

    Gallons of potable water used: 4.5 million


    Completed 1575 Federal Tax Returns, amounting to over $1.5 million in refunds and a total value of services to HST Sailors of approximately $250,000· Completed 641 Powers of Attorney and 78 Wills for HST Sailors· Assisted 238 HST Sailors with civilian legal issues ... and all of this was accomplished at sea during war, in what has been called the most hazardous industrial environment in the world,
    without shipboard loss of life, serious injury or mishap.

    Some pics of when I was onboard USS Truman...




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    Thanks for that interesting info! How long ago was this? The only reason I ask is that the pics show F-14 Tomcats,and they retired them awhile ago,I thought.
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    This was about 3 years ago. Yes, Tomcats are retired.

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