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    We need some playmakers.

    Goldson would be a nice addition, but the Niners are going to franchise tag him most likely.

    I am a UT homer, but Griffin has been too inconsistent for me to put my faith in him. He was great as a Horn, as a pro, he is like Texas weather.....great one day, garbage the next, great the next, garbage the next and so on....

    Landry is coming off the injury and refused the surgery.....so will he be 100%, who knows. He will probably have to sign a low contract, full of incentives.....and so he is a nice financial option. I am going to act as if he is completely recovered for the purposes of this post.

    Mike Adams of Cleveland would be a decent option and would probably come at a reasonable rate.

    One player I would like to see us go after, if Goldson gets tagged is Madieu Williams, his teammate. If we were to get Rogers and Williams, we would not only strengthen our secondary, but also weaken that of the Niners.

    So for me, I take Landry and Williams.

    In the draft, we use our comp 6th to draft SS Kelcie McCray.

    2012 Safeties.....Sensabaugh, Williams, Landry, McCray, Church

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