Fantasy Help: Jets vs. Broncos

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by BigDinAZ, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. BigDinAZ

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    Hey guys,

    I need some outside help. I have two options a WR on my fantasy team. Who would you rather start:

    Eric Decker (Den)


    Plaxico Burress (NYJ)

    Tebow doesn't throw much, but when he does, Decker has been a usual target. The last few weeks, Decker has had at least one TD per game. Plaxico has better season stats, but hasn't been targeted as of late. Any help before kick-off would be helpful. Thanks!!!
  2. ajk23az

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    Jets pass defense vs. Tebow? No thank you.

    Plus, I guess it is REALLY windy and cold there. So it's going to be all running.

    No other options huh?
  3. BigDinAZ

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    All other positions are set. I guess.... Here is what i have

    QB - Romo
    RB - Fred Jackson
    RB - LeSean McCoy
    WR - Dez
    WR - Laurent Robinson
    TE - Jake Ballard
    R/W/T - Eric Decker ??
    K - Robbie Gould
    DEF - Packers

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis (RB)
    Piere Thomas (RB) BYE WEEK
    Plaxico Burress (WR)
    Scott Chandler (TE)
    Andre Johnson (WR) BYE WEEK

    P.S. - Love the sig!! My wife just got accepted to ASU a few days ago.
  4. rickwil61

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    I also sat Decker against the Jets. However I did pick up Lance Ball and I'm going to give him a try. With McGahee hobbled I'm thinking Ball may get a lot of touches tonight. He might be worth picking up if he's available.
  5. Ren

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    Denver completed 2 whole passes last week the Jets D is a BIG step up from what they have been facing in recent weeks i'd stay well clear of Decker

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