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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Dec 19, 2009.

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    If you could make a fantasy team, what would it look like (starters only, 2 tes, 4 3 wr's, 3 HB)

    QB; Romo
    HB; Choice. ,MJD, Barber
    FB; Anderson
    WR; Austin, Williams, Andre Johnson.
    TE: Witten, Bennett
    LT: Oher
    RT: Adams
    RG: Davis
    LG: Hutchison
    C: Gurode

    RE: Jared Allen
    LE: Dwight Freeney
    DT: Ratliff
    ROLB: Ware
    MLB: Brooking, Mayo
    LOLB: Cushing
    CB: Asomugha, Jenkins
    SS: Polamalu
    FS: Sensabaugh
    K: Longwell, Buehler
    P: McBrair
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    I edited yours for mine
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    Quite a lot of Cowboys on your list, but i dig your homerish:cool:

    QB: Peyton Manning,
    HB: Felix Jones, MJD, Brandon Turner
    FB: Ganther
    WR: Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Wes Welker
    TE: Witten, Clark
    LT: Oher
    RT: Stacy Andrews
    RG: Davis
    C: Gurode

    RE: Jared Allen
    LE: Dwight Freeney
    DT: JayRat!
    ROLB: DWare
    LOLB: Toss up between Cushing and Matthews
    MLB: Willis and Ryans
    CB: Asomuhga, Toss up between Jenkins and Darelle Revis
    FS: Ed Reed
    K: Vinateri, Buehler
    P: Mike Scrifes

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