Fathers - Raise your daughters right

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    They need the proper training toys growing up. You hang basketball hoops for your sons, your daughters need this kit!


    Tesco has been forced to remove a pole-dancing kit from the toys and games section of its website after it was accused of "destroying children's innocence".

    The Tesco Direct site advertises the kit with the words, "Unleash the sex kitten inside...simply extend the Peekaboo pole inside the tube, slip on the sexy tunes and away you go!

    "Soon you'll be flaunting it to the world and earning a fortune in Peekaboo Dance Dollars".

    The £49.97 kit comprises a chrome pole extendible to 8ft 6ins, a 'sexy dance garter' and a DVD demonstrating suggestive dance moves.

    The kit, condemned as 'extremely dangerous' by family campaigners yesterday, was discovered by mother of two Karen Gallimore who was searching for Christmas gifts for her two daughters, Laura 10, and Sarah, 11.

    Mrs Gallimore, 33, of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, said yesterday: "I'm no prude, but any children can go on there and see it. It's just not on."

    Dr Adrian Rogers, of family campaigning group Family Focus said yesterday that the kit would "destroy children's lives".

    He said: "Tesco is Britain's number one chain, this is extremely dangerous. It is an open invitation to turn the youngest children on to sexual behaviour.
    "This will be sold to four, five and six-year olds. This is a most dangerous toy that will contribute towards destroying children's innocence."

    He added: "Children are being encouraged to dance round a pole which is interpreted in the adult world as a phallic symbol.

    "It ought to be stopped, it really requires the intervention of members of Parliament. This should only be available to the most depraved people who want to corrupt their children."

    Tesco today agreed to remove the product from the Toy section of the site, but said it will remain on sale as a Fitness Accessory, despite the fact that the product description invites users to "unleash the sex kitten inside".

    Also on sale on the Tesco website is a strip poker game, "Peekaboo Poker" which is illustrated by a picture of a reclining woman in underwear.

    The card game is is described as a game that "risks the risque and brings a whole lot of naughtiness to the table.

    "Played with a unique pack of Peekaboo Boy and Girl playing cards, the aim of the game is to win as many Peekaboo chips as possible and turn them into outrageously naughty fun."

    The pole dance kit is the latest item to fuel allegations that major retailers increasingly sell products which "sexualise" young children such as T-shirts with suggestive messages.

    In recent years Asda was forced to remove from sale pink and black lace lingerie, including a push-up bra to girls as young as nine.

    Next had to remove t-shirts on sale for girls as young as six with the slogan "so many boys, so little time."

    And BHS and others came under fire for selling padded bras embellished with a "Little Miss Naughty" logo and t-shirts with a Playboy-style bunny that said "I love boys...They are stupid."

    Tesco last night denied the pole dancing kit was sexually oriented and said it was clearly marked for "adult use".

    A spokesman added: "Pole dancing is an increasing exercise craze. This item is for people who want to improve their fitness and have fun at the same time."
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    I don't know whether to :laugh2: or :omg:
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    Well you don't think the majority are born with the name Trixie or Bambi do you?

    No of course not, but they have to start out somewhere.

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    You gotta start these girls early, so that our sons may grow up in a glorious age of skankiness and looser women.:D
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    Google "hulk doll" and you'll find a disturbing article in one of the UK tabloids from 2003.

    I'm noticing a trend here . . .
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    Hulk doll's monster willy..........oh my!
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    How to Put a Dollar Bill in a Go-Go Dancer’s G-String

    Filed under: Favorites, Travel, Misadventures, How To — Moose October 23, 2006 @ 12:54 pm

    Stare blankly at the dollar bill you’ve just been handed. Be informed that it’s not for you, it’s for the girl on stage who’s actually earning it. (Because anyone who can do that with tassles deserves a dollar.) Register your suspicion that the owner of the dollar bill really wants to do it himself but is being a big, fluffy chicken. Be told, “I want to watch you do it.”

    Gamely grab the dollar before understanding that he probably expects teeth or cleavage to be involved. Specifically, your teeth or cleavage. Decide you’re not nearly drunk enough for that kind of nonsense and try to fight your way back to the bar for another drink. Weave dangerously as you attempt your first step and admit that you are, in fact, quite drunk enough. Drunk enough to put a dollar in a go-go dancer’s g-string and maybe (maybe) even drunk enough to consider putting that dollar between your pearly white teeth for the dancer to grab in a mercenary tribute to the Male Lesbian Fantasy.

    First rule of putting a dollar in a g-string: Don’t approach the stage just as the dancer turns her back. This will leave you standing awkwardly at the foot of the stage, holding a dollar bill, and watching a butt swing back and forth in a proximity that is just a wee bit too close for comfort considering the immense task it is to simply stand up straight. Possibility of passing out headfirst into a go-go dancer’s swinging butt = Too Horrifying To Contemplate.

    Wait for her to turn around.

    Wait for her to turn around.

    Idly contemplate the glitter adorning the swinging butt. Wonder how it got there. Does it come in a spray can? Did she spread it on a chair and sit in it? Do all the chairs backstage have sparkly butt prints?

    Wait for her to turn around.

    Ages pass and civilizations fall as you wait for her to turn around.

    She turns around.

    Begin frantically waving the dollar bill. She approaches. You realize that her scanty outfit leaves you with only two choices, as no large corduroy pockets have magically sprouted in her bikini. Wish for large magical corduroy pockets. Drunkenly rubbing her butt in hopes that a genie will emerge and grant you corduroy pockets is a sure sign that far too much vodka has been consumed.

    Vow never to drink vodka again. Ever.

    She’s waiting for you to give her the dollar. Decide that the gold string on her hip is a good deal safer than going anywhere near the nipple tassles. Gingerly tug the string and shove in the dollar bill.

    She graciously winks one large, glitter encrusted eye and says, “Thanks, baby doll.”

    Stumble back to your seat and send a quick thanks to the patron saint of Tipping Mostly Naked Girls that you didn’t stumble into her and grab something X-rated or put a dollar bill between your teeth.

    Because, really. Do you know where those dollar bills have been?

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    Well, where's the next generation of strippers gonna come from? There's only so many broken homes and abusive stepdads out there. Sometimes, nature needs a little push.
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    lmao @ how did the glitter get on her butt...

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